Spectrum Garnet Original

Global Themes dark red spectrum

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://github.com/doncsugar/Genome-Spectrum/tree/master/globalThemes/spectrum-garnet


The global Spectrum theme for Garnet. Allows configuration and features 2 neutral themes and one completely red theme.


Garnet Color Scheme

Spectrum Classic Garnet Plasma Theme

Spectrum Classic Colors Plasma Theme

Spectrum Classic Plasma Theme

Spectrum Folders Dark Icons


The Spectrum themes change color according to the Color Scheme you have equipped.

From System Settings, go to "Colors" to change your Color Scheme. Go to "Plasma Style" to change between Spectrum themes. Plain themes will change color with your Color Scheme, though you may need to reapply them.

To adjust transparency of the panel and menus:

Under Workspace: Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects
"Background contrast" to toggle between 2 levels of transparency.
"Blur" will let you choose the strength of the blur effect as well as noise.

There are a lot of other effects in Desktop Effects to try if you are new to KDE Plasma.


Have you tried turning it off and on again? Sometimes plasma assets will not update and some may still be themed to something you previously had set. This can usually be fixed by restarting.

To restart just plasmashell, open KRunner with "Alt + F2" to execute the following 2 lines:

Quit plasmashell

kquitapp5 plasmashell

Start plasmashell

kstart5 plasmashell
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Global Themes

Global Themes in Plasma are Meta- or Super-Themes, capable of changing multiple aspects of the desktop environment at once, like Window Decoration, Plasma Theme, Color Scheme, Icon Theme etc. In addition, one can define the complete Layout, like what panel to use where, the menu type used and much more.

An example Global Theme:

For more info how to create Global themes click here:
https://userbase.kde.org/Plasma/Create_a_Global Theme_Package

Or watch this video: