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Latte Dock, amazing piece of software very customizable.
With the possibility of creating both, a top panel and dock, with everything you need to work.


NEONWAVE Layout for Latte Dock

I wanted to make a Layout for Latte Dock that is not only to put the Widgets here and there meaningless, but to try to make a Layout that is great and with each Widget in place for daily use, that is, a Layout that is usefull in addition to look good.

Neonwave contains three panels, a top panel, a bottom panel and a side panel, each panel with widgets that are very useful on the desktop on a day-to-day basis.

In addition, on the right side it has a "Launcher" with which you can control the top panel and the left side panel to hide or show it, but in general in a Minimalist Layout.

I have made it for personal use but I really liked it and wanted to share it; I have used it for a while and it is very useful and with a good look, You have to try it, and I hope you like it and that it is as useful as it is to me.


> Installing Latte Dock

Latte Dock can be installed from the KDE store, Discover, is in almost every store in most distros, just do a search and click on install.

But if you prefer to do it from the terminal, these commands will help you:
- For Ubuntu users and derivatives:
  • "sudo apt install latte-dock"

- For Arch Linux and derivatives:
  • "sudo pacman -S latte-dock"

- For OpenSuse and derivatives:
  • "sudo zypper install latte-dock"

- For Fedora and derivatives:
  • "sudo yum install latte-dock"


> Importing Themes

To import the themes into Latte Dock you must run Latte Dock and then right click on any part of the Dock, then "Layouts" and "Manage Layouts", when the window opens look for "Import" click and Search where you have saved your downloaded theme file; now double click on the "In Menu" part, so you have access from the menu without opening the "Manage Layouts" window at any time, and that's all. Now you can enjoy any theme you like.


> Widgets or Plasmoids NEDDED!!

You need to install these Widgets to the Neonwave Layout work perfectly.
So right click on Plasma desktop and go to "Add Widgets", then "Get New Widgets" and then "Dowload New Plasma Widgets" and search for the next Widgets:

  • Dito Menu
  • Application Title
  • Netspeed Widget
  • Inline Battery
  • Chili Clock
  • Latte Separator
  • Latte Spacer
  • Latte SideBar
  • USwitch
  • Menu Z
  • Panon


Icons used on Screenshot

From @eliverlara

Plank Dock Theme


Do not forget to vote if you liked this theme and leave a comment if you encounter any problems.
I hope you enjoy it!! };-]


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Thank you, @misque, enjoy }:-)


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