CopperDeck XF XFWM4 Window Borders


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

5 .0

Treetogs made the CopperDeck Theme for Windowblinds. This was Ported to Linux by (I think...) JamesHardy88. It's hard to find much information on this one. Hard to find the icons, too (I ended up getting creative and just making most of them. )
There has never been a port of this theme to XFCE / XFWM.

Until today.

This is for the Window borders only.
Of course, me being me, I modified the theme. The titlebuttons in the original were very close together and that makes it easy to miss your target and hit close when you meant maximize and so on. I spaced them further apart.

Link to Firefox Theme:

Fix for icon text being offset on desktop on XFCE4:
In terminal, please run:
xfconf-query -c xfce4-desktop -p /desktop-icons/center-text -n -t bool -s false

Please Note: Apps menu is my own Modification of Whiskermenu and it is not included with theme. Currently, it pretty much only works on my machine because it is being held up with strings and duck tape by Python Script.
UPDATE: I have made some patches that can give an Aeznis Backdrop to ZorinMenuLite.

I have recently discovered PCMan's "gtk-nocsd" product. You can read here:
It is available in repositories and can be installed from terminal.
What This Does: It disables gtkClientSideDecoration on apps that use it, allowing the Window Manager to do so.
Given the current trend and the news that XFCE 4.16 will fully switch to CSD (Becoming like Gnome 3) and will remove XFWM4 (No more XFCE Window manager which is why many of us switched to XFCE desktop in the first place) - It is very important to let the developers know whether you disagree with this decision. (I have done so- Loudly.)
Currently, the developers do not seem to be listening. Rather, they feel they should explain to us, the users, why what they want for us (and themselves) is what we should want, too.
If you disagree with XFCE removing XFWM and replacing it with GNome 3 CSD, please use the links and Be Heard.

Extract the download to your usr/share/themes folder with Root Privileges.
Or, if you prefer, to your ~/.themes folder.
Select the window borders by going to Menu, Settings, Window Manager.
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