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This Aurorae Theme is deeply inspired from Breezemite Aurorae theme.
Some modifications have been made in order to try to match the Sierra Breeze window decorations (which are, in their turn, inspired by Breezemite, but with many additional user settings).
I made this theme to satisfy the many users of the OpenDesktop site who have repeatedly asked me to provide an Aurorae theme to Aritim-Dark.

I myself prefer to use the window decorations Sierra Breeze, which are not available in the KDE Store and which require a less immediate installation (CLI use). I hope that Aritim-Dark-Aurorae-Theme can satisfy all these users who prefer a more immediate installation, without the help of the command line :)

Finally, this Aurorae-Theme is licensed under the GPLv3 license

I would like to thank all the creators of this fantastic community, especially:
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1 year ago

Hey that is also the two exact window decorations I prefer. I don't like the shadows on Breezemite so I remove them or make them smaller but you really cant beat the Sierra Breeze window decorations. The shadows are so customizable on those. I have been using them for a while now. I like to keepo shadows a default to where the window looks slightly raised from screen. You also will get better performance with Breeze or Sierra Breeze because they are not Aurorae themes. They are just code. I really wish I knew more about how to code them and make some more cool ones.


C S4


1 year ago

I couldn't agree more! Also Sierra Breeze allows you a lot of more customizations (like Breeze in fact). You can adapt it automatically to the color scheme you are using. With one window decoration you can manage all the themes you want, really cool.

It's sad I can't find it on the store, I could have linked it as a dependency maybe



1 year ago

Sierra Breeze is the ones I was mainly talking about. I use Breezemite when I need to alter them because well I can do that but i can't alter the Sierra Breeze so just like your situation I prefer Sierra Breeze but sometimes I use Breezemite. The customization settings are second to none for Sierra.


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Aurorae is used by Kwin to provide customized Window Decorations for KDE Plasma.
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