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An android tweaking app
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vulmax v 2.3 9 days ago

* improved battery profile
*turned off cpu boost in balanced
*animation scale changes
*added microg permissions
*some cleanup and fixes


8 days ago

please add in (g-center) screen resolution option



11 days ago

gaming center not working for codm from garena




2 months ago

10 10 the best




7 months ago

10 10 the best


vulmax v 2.3 9 days ago

* improved battery profile
*turned off cpu boost in balanced
*animation scale changes
*added microg permissions
*some cleanup and fixes

2.2 1 month ago

+ perfomance profile is now merged with the gaming profile

 + fixed cpu underclocking problem

+ updated ram cleaner

+ updated trash cleaner

+ time to switch between each profile has been reduced alot

+ Other misc changes


+ updated pubg_mod app with options to choose between the firewall, unlocked fps and the internet tweaks.
The anti aliasing option is now upto the users.

v 2.1 2 months ago

+ Added better support of cpu boost and tuned according to each profiles
+ improved gaming profile

+ fixed small cluster freqency stuck after choosing battery profile
+ some changes to i/o parameters
+ minor changes to all profiles
+ some battery biased changes to balanced profile

+Pub fps unlocker has been removed and build as a seperate app named PubG.apk ( available in download section )

+ some app ui changes

Build a new app named pubg with features like unlocked fps, firewall-vpn ( disabled internet access to other installed apps) and some internet tunings.

v 2.1 2 months ago

v 2.0 3 months ago

+ introduced dual speaker mod for asus max pro m2 ( testing )
+ improved battery mode by underclocking the small cluster also
+ new deep ram cleaner option ( frees up maximum ram for you )
+ pubg fps unlocker ( unlocks all fps without any app running in background)

V 1.9 4 months ago

Update : v 1.9

+ added cpu boost for gaming and performance profile. (Improves smoothness)

+ disabled a bunch logging stuffs

+ disabled sensor debugging and traces

+ disabled wake and input boost for battery profile

+ profile applying time reduced by a little

+ reduced swapiness value of battery profile for 3/4 gig devices and completely disable zram and swap for 6gig devices in all profiles

# Added support for sd660 devices

V 1.8 5 months ago

+ Introduced Dual Speaker (stereo) Mod for Whyred

+ Disabled memory swapping in battery profile

+ Disabled zram and swappiness for 6gb models (saves some cpu cycles )

+Force disabled scrolling cache.

+Changes in UI of the app

+ Added telegram group joing and app updater option within the app

+Tweaks included in the app are confirmed working on Android 8.0- 10.0.. (cleared all placebo tweaks)

V 1.7 6 months ago

*Underclocked you for battery profile
* added some build prop lines
*added battery calibration option

V 1.6 7 months ago

*added some GPU parameter and tweaked according to the profiles
*Improved battery profile
*Added system logs and trash cleaner

Update 1.5 8 months ago

Disabled many more logging and tracing stuffs
Underclocked big cluster for battery profile

Upadate 1.3 9 months ago

New lmk values
Added deep sleep doze tweak
Updates all profiles
Disabled animation scale for battery profile

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