Derpfest_X01BD Original

Phone ROMS asus costom derpfest rom

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

Available as/for: -

- Add Statusbar Clock Font Styles & Font Size Options
- Add Carrier Label Styles Font Styles & Font Size Options
- Add Lockscreen Owner Info Fonts Styles & Font Size Options
- Add Optional ScreenShot Type
- Add Icon Bootleggers; Du; Cosmic On Statusbar
- Add Some Awesome Packages Header QS Style From Rom ScrewdAosp, SixRom, AquariOS, DirtyUnicorn...
- Add One-Hand Mode QuickSettings Tile
- Add Toggle For One-Hand Ui Mode On Settings
- Add One-Hand Mode Triggers
- Add New feature of One-hand UI Mode
- Fixed One-Handed Mode Crash
- Intercept One-Hand Mode For EdgeGestures
- Add Bluetooth Icon For Light/Dark Ui Mode
- Add Support For DiracSound-FX
- Add Toggle For Disable DashBoard Suggestions And Conditions
- Add Toggle Roaming Indicator Optional
- Improve Notifications Refreshing
- GamingMode options: Removed
- GamingMode tiles: Removed, come back with gaming tiles mode from aosip
- Livedisplay option: Removed
- Livedisplay tiles: Removed
- Reading tiles: Removed
- Added Bootleggers date styles back
- Imported Lockscreen clock fronts from Bootleggers
- Removed Fruity pebbles and introduced RGB accenter from POSP
- Q Clock "it's" follows RGB accenter now
- Q Clock: Added 24h support back
- Added LOS Recorder with system audio recording support
- Added Extended Google Sound Search tile (with support for Shazam and Soundhound)
- Slashified more tiles to match QS
- Added per-app VPN data restriction ability
- Improved performance of unclipped save layers
- many more
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