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In a future where sapient animal shaped people, both biological and robotic, share the world with humans, one young girl's terminal and degenerative illness leads to her mind being transplanted into one such body, with wide reaching implications for her own future, and that of the declining community of highly trained artisans, the Geisha.

This story was written by yours truly as a result of having received the artwork seen in the gallery here, which was created by the amazing WhiteMantis. It is set in the same world created for a series of books currently in the process of being written, but any knowledge of this world is not necessary to enjoy this tale of a young artisan finding her new place in the world after a traumatic experience.

nb: The license pertains only to the written piece, but not to the accompanying artwork (which is copyrighted by the artist who created it), and not to the world in which the story is set.
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