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MSM-Xtended custom rom for X01BD
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MSM-Xtended XQ v9.0 Official Update 2020/05/10 27 days ago



27 days ago

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MSM-Xtended XQ v9.0 Official Update 2020/05/10 27 days ago

MSM-Xtended XQ v8.0 Official Update 2020/03/14 1 month ago

* Source Side

• Merged April security Patch r33
• Release version bump to V8.0
• OTA's are back
• Team Dialog: Redesign
• Theme Options : added Reset Option
• Added Face unlock
• Added Adaptive playback
• Added Notification log
• Gesture navigation improvements
• Added Dark Grey and Material ocean Themes
• Added new Fonts
• Added Data,WiFi,Bluetooth Panels
• Fixed QS color bug
• Fixed Backuptool
• Added MicroG GmsCore to location providers
• Fixed Android auto crash
• HwKeys: Enable Partial Screenshot
• Misc changes, bug fixes, and optimizations

* Device Side :

• Upstreamed kernel to 4.4.218
• Compiled with latest proton clang 11.0.0
• Merged latest Q CAF tag LA.UM.8.2.r1-06300-sdm660.0
• Added TouchGestures in ZenParts (Works for NVT Touch Panels only)
• Added LogTile (useful for taking logs when needed)
• Added Ambient Display Gestures in ZenParts
• Improved ZenParts theming
• Update GPS HAL from LA.UM.8.2.r1-06200-sdm660.0
• Sepolicies updated

Xtended-X01BD-20200311-XQ-OFFICIAL-Release-v7.0 2 months ago

Hello Everyone,

Here we are coming back again to bother you with a new release of MSM Xtended XQ V7.0

So, let's see what all we got fixed & what's new -:

* Merge March security Patch r31
* Release version bump to V7.0
* Fixed media volume progress bar wrong value
* Handle camera launch gesture from keyhandler
* Replace pulse light drawable
* Fix navbar leak in SystemUI
* Allow to hide back gesture arrow
* Make emergency notification dismissable
* Screenrecord: Switch back to LOS implementation
* Added Dynamic Network traffic mode
* Added fade ambient edge light layout
* Added FPS ovelay for tile
* Added LS Charging battery bar
* Allign LS battery bar on our gradient
* Added more battery bar locations
* Fixed bluetooth battery level
* Added Pixel navbar animation
* Added KG animations ( More LS Chaging animations )
* Fixed advnce reboot crash
* Redesign Xtensions category icons
* Redesign About phone section

Xtended-X01BD-20200211-XQ-OFFICIAL-Release-v6.0 3 months ago

* Source Side :

• Version bumped to XQ v6.0
• Merged Feb security patch r27
• Added DU themes
• Added screen stablization (Tiles only)
• Added extended screenshot (LongShot)
• Added ChocoX & BakedGreen Themes
• Added Edge Light Repeat Count Option
• Added Old Style Mobile Indicators
• FOD improvements
• Added various FOD icons
• Added smart replies to all apps
• Added LTE tile
• Added multisim campatibilty to LTE tile
• Added Oneplus slate & SamsungOne font
• Added OnePlus haptics/vibrations
• Improved QS Row & colomns
• Added running services icon Toggle
• Make QS blur togglable
• Improved partial screenshot
• Aligned more seekbars & switchs to Gradient
• Double tap to trigger doze
• Added missed Tilt Gesture
• Added toggle for switching audio panel position
• Toggle to Hide pill in full gesture nav made
• Added Persistent Settings Toggle
• Added Running Services Icon & Toggle to enable/disable it
• Updated many prebuilts apps
• Fixed Lawnchair crash on boot

* Device Side :
• Upstreamed to 4.4.213
• Compiled with latest clang 10.0.2
• Merged latest Q CAF tag LA.UM.8.2.r1-05700-sdm660.0
• Merged latest pie CAF tag LA.UM.7.2.r1-08200-sdm660.0 in qcacld-3.0,qca-wifi-host-cmn,fw-api

Xtended-X01BD-20200112-XQ-OFFICIAL-Release-v5.0 4 months ago


* Merge Jan sec patch r25
* Added RGB accenter
* Introduce Gradient color Picker
* Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
* Added Toggle to hide pill in full gestural nav mode
* Allow to quickly open Running Services from QS panel
* Added MIUI like volume Panel
* Added Flashlight blink on call
* Added battery bar
* Fixed bluetooth battery status on SB
* Fix navigation bar hiding
* Added QS panel Opacity
* Improved header & footer size
* Fixed QS footer side margin
* Fixed QS layout header info
* Show keygaurd charging animation in AOD
* Patched partial wakelock on AOD
* Fixed data disabled icon
* Fixed auto color on edge lighting
* Improved edge lighting on live wallpaper
* Allow changing duration of ambient edge light
* Added forced expanded Notification
* Simplyfy System info
* Added QS Themes
* Addd Square & Cylinder Shapes for QS n System
* Added Xtended Headers in QS Headers
* Added QS Headers from Omni
* Added option to choose font & size in Typo Clock
* Show version name on APK installation
* A lot of system optimization, Willing to see head to our Github

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