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Plasma AppImage Integration

Enhance the AppImage user experience on the plasma desktop environment. It's build on top of AppImageServices and libappimage being compatible with other solutions like AppImageLauncher.


  • Creation/Removal of launcher entries for application files
  • System wide (all users) application installation
  • Updates lookup and installation
  • Application metada shown in the details view
  • Launch assistant to skip the give execution permission step before running an AppImage


After installing plasma-appimage-integration from sources you will also need to install AppImageServices. Instructions are provided in the Build section. If you installed it from the binaries provided, AppImageServices will be already installed.

As AppImageServices depends on DBus and it runs on user space you must ensure having such feature available on your system. Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives user will have to install dbus-user-session and restart the system for it to be enable.

To use this software just open Dolphin (the kde file browser) and you will get AppImage files thumbnails, enhanced metadata and file item actions to easily mange your applications.



  • cmake (>=3.12)
  • gcc (>=4.8)
  • Qt5::Core
  • Qt5::Widgets
  • Qt5::Network
  • Qt5::DBus
  • KF5::XmlGui
  • KF5::I18n
  • KF5::KIO
  • KF5::TextWidgets
  • KF5::Notifications
  • KF5::FileMetaData
mkdir build; cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kf5-config --prefix` ..
make -j`nproc`
sudo make install

# Install AppImage Services
wget -O appimage-services.AppImage
chmod +x appimage-services.AppImage
./appimage-services.AppImage self-install

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