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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

Score 80.0%

A Redmond Win9x clone

New in version 1.93:
Improvements for caja and thunar, alpha version of icon set (modified Chicago95 icon set).

Please read:

Download Redmond97.tar.gz unless you have disabled CSD decorations.
For those who disabled CSD decorations use the Redmond97-nocsd.tar.gz package instead.

-Install: extract Redmond97.tar.gz into your themes directory.
-Howto fix borders in Xfce4 system tray: disable "show frame" and enable "square icons" notification tray options.

To get gradient titlebars in Xfce4 I recommend using marco window manager which is included with MATE desktop.
To select marco themes in Xfce4: gsettings set org.mate.Marco.general theme "Redmond97"

-To use the Firefox theme (IE_classic_firefox.tar.gz):
1. Extract the firefox.tar.gz archive inside of your Firefox profile directoy (eg ~/.mozilla/firefox/user.default/)
[ If you have not enabled custom user style sheets eg userchrome: ]
2. Navigate to "about:config" in Firefox
3. Enter the following text in the search box: toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets
4. Set the option toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets to True
5. Close all instances of Firefox and the changes will take effect when you restart Firefox.
Note: If you are not running Firefox Quantum 75 or above please use the package "firefox-old.tar.gz"
6. Enable title bars in the Firefox customization page.

Known issues:
-The Firefox themes are currently colored for the default Redmond color scheme.
-If you don't uncheck the "show frame" option for the notification tray the borders will be misaligned.
Last changelog:

1.8 10 months ago

Added support for GTK3 client side decorations for those not using gtk-nocsd or GTK3-classic.
To use the version with support for CSD, download the Redmond97-CSD package.
-CSD windows include shadows to match non gtk-csd applications.
-Updated hamburger menu styles.
-Fixed combobox buttons in editor toolbars used in Evolution and Abiword.



11 months ago

MATE supports gradients in the title bar, so I'd highly recommend trying that out, though they already have a theme with that. Downside of MATE is that the panel renders with no borders unless you do some CSS trickery that I don't understand. Only theme I've seen retain borders in the panel for MATE is Chicago95.




11 months ago

10 Soooooo sweeeet!.. thanks!




11 months ago

Thanks for the feedback! More updates are on the way soon. I'm hoping to get started on the GTK2 theme in the next few days once I get the main theme widgets completed.


1.8 10 months ago

Added support for GTK3 client side decorations for those not using gtk-nocsd or GTK3-classic.
To use the version with support for CSD, download the Redmond97-CSD package.
-CSD windows include shadows to match non gtk-csd applications.
-Updated hamburger menu styles.
-Fixed combobox buttons in editor toolbars used in Evolution and Abiword.

1.74 10 months ago

-Updates for MATE desktop (Adds styled application menu for custom menu bar applet).
-Updated whisker menu theme (now supports categories on the left or right side).
-Added metacity-1 themes for MATE desktop and gradient title bar support.
-Adjusted padding for Xfce4 panel.

1.73 10 months ago

Added basic support for MATE desktop.

1.72 10 months ago

-More xfce4 panel updates
-Added styling to xfce4 application menu button

1.71 10 months ago

Added support for gtk3 version of xfce4-clock. Added highlight to xfce4 panel (gtk3 only).
Fixed corrupted Firefox theme archive. All themes now included.

1.7 10 months ago

-Added support for GTK3 Xfce4 panel

1.611 10 months ago

-No changes to theme engine
-Added IE6 style theme for Firefox. Tab support added for IE6 theme.

1.61 10 months ago

-Modified dialog button spacing and added default dialog image
-Fixed tooltip colors
-Fixed progress text background color
-Adjusted menubar padding
-Changed toolbar button style and selected menubar item style
-Removed redmond95 gtk-engine dependency for gtk2 theme
-Added systemtray / clock frame hack for xfce4 panel
-Updated scrolledwindow list
-Theme builder reflects latest changes.

1.521 10 months ago

-No updates to theme engine.
-Changed download source to my github repo for easier package management.
-Added various Win9x themes.
-New bonus content includes:
CDE, Digital CDE, Digital CDE2, High Contrast, High Contrast 2, Lilac Rose, Matrix, Rainy Day, Red White and Blue, Rose, Slate, Spruce, Storm and Teal color schemes.

1.52 11 months ago

-Added treeview progressbars
-Fixed issue of notebook tabs changing size or shifting when tab close button is hovered.
-Added patch to upgrade to ver 1.52. Versions 1.50 and above are supported.

To update to the latest version manually install the latest theme files or run the patch script.

Redmond97.tar.gz: 6776a4488d15e8bbdd938299267d63e8
theme_builder.tar.gz: 020ad736adccb9f600b757ed4ff22d2a
ie3_classic_firefox: 9ab0a4a5dc00719e8657f2fcbe85b40f
patch_152: eea66d485dd0226337c1731b74261dc6

1.51 11 months ago

Fixed notebook tab button padding so tab height is no longer excessive or too tall.
Updated theme builder to include latest updates.

Redmond97.tar.gz: 366273f74d2e2d8692cc963ae2be527c
theme_builder.tar.gz: a9754d92d34c6052f305d5a623abe6c4
ie3_classic_firefox.tar.gz: 9ab0a4a5dc00719e8657f2fcbe85b40f

1.5 11 months ago

-Fixed combobox entry issues with Mousepad
-Fixed scrollbar buttons in LibreOffice (arrows are still an issue and currently use the default LibreOffice arrows for now.)
-Adjusted frame borders

Redmond97.tar.gz: 6f90af781b24985abc4034c0f4774467
theme_builder.tar.gz: cea7fa75dda111896eccefcf64d61915
ie3_classic_firefox.tar.gz: 9ab0a4a5dc00719e8657f2fcbe85b40f

1.42 11 months ago

-Added back the Firefox left/right scrollbar button fix, one of the last updates removed my changes to the gtk-scrollbar.css file.

1.41 11 months ago

-Updated IE3 Classic Firefox theme:
-Added frame around content window
-Added history dropdown button
-Fixed bookmark toolbar overflow

1.4 11 months ago

-Updated Whisker Menu theme
-Updated combobox button style (now appears as dropdown list, also fixes LibreOffice combo button issue)
-Fixed issues with hovered flat buttons causing margin and padding issues
-Added Redmond97 High Contrast
-Various minor fixes
-Updated theme builder script to add options for Whisker Menu theme.
-Theme builder now inserts correct version identifier on compiled themes.

1.31 11 months ago

-Fixed selected label text color
-Fixed read-only entry box background color
-Updated patch file to latest version.
-You can reinstall the themes or run the theme patching script to get the latest update.
-Updated patch script to allow downloads of the latest patches from the Redmond97 Github repo.

0.6 11 months ago

Code merges and cleanup.
Completed conversion to modular GTK3 CSS layout.
No usability changes.

0.5 11 months ago

Fixed Gtk3 Libre-Office menu bar
Fixed GTK2 menu arrow
Changed menu bar and toolbar borders to classic style
Fixed disabled check and radio text color

0.45 11 months ago

Fixed text color on Whisker Menu selected button.

0.44 11 months ago

-Fixed Whisker Menu selected item. Issue: White text on white background when searching for an item, now changed to a blue background with white text.
-Fixed disabled menu items not being greyed out

0.43 11 months ago

-Fixed tab padding in GTK2 theme
-Fixed tooltip colors in GTK2 theme

0.42 11 months ago

-Removed checkered image from Whisker Menu background
-Changed focused combobox entry background from selected bg color to white.

0.41 11 months ago

-Added support for the GTK3 version of Whisker Menu
-Added missing support for non-toolbar flat buttons

0.4 11 months ago

-Added official GTK2 support. The Redmond97 GTK2 has been completed and is ready for testing.
-Cleaned up code
-Various bug fixes
-Changed titlebar colors to a Win98 type color shceme for xfwm4

0.31 11 months ago

-Finished popover widget
-Added 3D menus
-Fixed app-notifications
-Finished notebook / tab widget
-Fixed toolbar issues in nautilus
-Purged redundant and/or unnecessary code
-Finished inset/outset border widget

0.2 11 months ago

-Fixed treeview drag and drop (no more black text on a black window)
-Changed toolbar buttons to match regular buttons
-Fixed switch button (now looks like radio buttons) so it displays correctly
-Fixed toolbar padding from version 0.1.
-As a work around for the missing GTK2 theme I've included the Chicago95 GTK2 theme temporarily.

0.1 11 months ago

The theme should be mostly usable, however there are still some unfinished widgets and elements.
-Most buttons are now finished
-Made custom switch selector (the default big sliding switch button didn't look right.)
-Changed Nemo toolbar button relief to flat.
-Finished slider widget

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10 the best verygood builder app but i wonder i can add the tranperancy to theme.conf with anycode i coulnd't find ):
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9 excellent
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9 excellent
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8 great Well done! The color is also less greenish than the original and more pleasing IMO.
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10 the best
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Soooooo sweeeet!.. thanks!
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