Materia Manjaro Style with Dark view background.
For those who do not know the view background is the part where your icons are in the Dolphin file manager and also other places but that gets the idea across. The theme uses Materia widgets and plasma icons except a few where I thought others looked better. Some people like a more traditional style where the "view background" is darker than the window background like the Breeze theme for example and that is the way his theme is but also I didn't make it too dark to where it was hard to read or blurry in other words. I hope you enjoy and I would appreciate feedback and rating if you decide you like the colors and the theme because there is a complete theme to go with the colors.

The color scheme is here:

The Plasma theme is here:

The Aurorae theme is here:

There is a gtk theme to but I just haven't posted it yet. I will update when I do. Very soon

The icons in the screenshots are the Newaita icons found here:

This the theme uses mostly Materia Plasma icons and widgets. The Materia them can be found here:

I have tried everything I know of to get my screenshots clearer for you but I guess since the color is so flat and because I MUST compress these to get them to fit then they are just gonna have that grainy look but the theme does not look that way. I think you will be presently surprised at how well it does look actually. If you like flat dark themes you will like this.

I know you can see much of it because i had to crop the screenshots but the wallpaper is from Charlie Henson here:
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