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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


Materia Manjaro Style with Dark view background.
For those who do not know the view background is the part where your icons are in the Dolphin file manager and also other places but that gets the idea across. The theme uses Materia widgets and plasma icons except a few where I thought others looked better. Some people like a more traditional style where the "view background" is darker than the window background like the Breeze theme for example and that is the way his theme is but also I didn't make it too dark to where it was hard to read or blurry in other words. I hope you enjoy and I would appreciate feedback and rating if you decide you like the colors and the theme because there is a complete theme to go with the colors.

The Plasma theme is here:

The icons in the screenshots are the Newaita icons with the colors changes to the Manjaro colors. It is simple to change the colors. Install the icons and then go to the icon folder and open a terminal in that folder. You should see a script file called In the terminal type ./ and then choose Manjaro and hit enter. Go to icons in system settings and change them and then change them back and DONE. The icons can be found here:

I set this theme up to use the regular Materia-Manjaro Aurorae theme but I am telling it also looks great with the Breeze window decorations so try it both ways and you decide for yourself.
The theme may look blurry in screenshots but that is because of lost quality due to compression.I promise it not blurry at all on your PC.

The Materia-Manjaro Aurorae theme is here:

I will update post with more locations as soon as they are posted. Like soon.
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