Havoc-OS v4.4 [X01BD]

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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://github.com/Havoc-OS

Available as/for: Asus

A well known & most loving feature rich,most customisable rom for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2
Last changelog:

Havoc-OS v4.3 Changelog 24-03-21: 1 month ago

• Merged March Security Patch
• Added a new Face unlock implementation
• Added ability to use face as auth method for apps
• Added IDE Lockscreen Clock
• Added Fluid Lockscreen Clock
• Added VoLTE/VoWiFi statusbar icon
• Added Sync QS tile
• Added VPN QS tile
• Added USB Tether QS tile
• Added 3 mode display cutout handler for notch
• Added ability to force full screen apps for notch
• Redesigned Settings Search bar
• Fixed Kill app button in Notification guts
• Fixed App info crash in 3rd party launchers
• Updated preference videos in Settings
• Improved refresh rate switching
• Improved Screenshot shutter sound logic
• Improved FOD (Fingerprint on Display)
• Improved App lock biometric authentication dialog
• Other fixes and improvements



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Havoc-OS v4.3 Changelog 24-03-21: 1 month ago

• Merged March Security Patch
• Added a new Face unlock implementation
• Added ability to use face as auth method for apps
• Added IDE Lockscreen Clock
• Added Fluid Lockscreen Clock
• Added VoLTE/VoWiFi statusbar icon
• Added Sync QS tile
• Added VPN QS tile
• Added USB Tether QS tile
• Added 3 mode display cutout handler for notch
• Added ability to force full screen apps for notch
• Redesigned Settings Search bar
• Fixed Kill app button in Notification guts
• Fixed App info crash in 3rd party launchers
• Updated preference videos in Settings
• Improved refresh rate switching
• Improved Screenshot shutter sound logic
• Improved FOD (Fingerprint on Display)
• Improved App lock biometric authentication dialog
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS v4.1 Changelog 28-01-2021 3 months ago

Initial Android 11 Release

Havoc-OS v3.11 Changelog 11-11-20: 6 months ago

• Merged November Security Patch
• Improved App Lock
• Added Automated DC Dimming
• Added Powershare support
• Added option to set default home page
• Added translations for a few languages
• Updated icon overlays from Android 11
• Fixed Quick Unlock with long PIN/Password
• Fixed off-center notifications on Lockscreen
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS v3.9 Changelog 27-09-20: 7 months ago

• Added System integrated App Lock
• Improved Pocket Lock
• Improved Face Unlock
• Added option to cycle through ringer modes
• Added translations for a few languages
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.8-20200817-X01BD-Official 8 months ago

Havoc-OS v3.8 Changelog 17-08-20:

• Merged August Security Patch
• Added Expanded volume panel
• Added Linotte font
• Added touch response optimizations
• Added back Permissions hub in GApps builds
• Added toggle to disable permissions hub
• Added VOOC charging support
• Added Home button wake support
• Extended NavBar Pulse to LockScreen
• Moved some settings into Media section
• Improved Clipboard access toasts
• Improved Carrier label settings
• Added translations for a few languages
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.7-20200724-X01BD-Official 9 months ago

Havoc-OS v3.7 Changelog 24-07-20:

• Added toast notification for clipboard access
• Added Lockscreen timeout configuration
• Added Pulse navbar audio visualizer
• Added toggle to disable dashboard tiles
• Added notification counters
• Added haptic feedback to SeekBar
• Added translations
• Fixed Network traffic visibility on theme change
• Fixed Preference text overlap with switch bar
• Improved Immersive display cutout mode
• Improved VoLTE/VoWiFi icon code
• Improved QS panel auto brightness toggle
• Moved owner info to the left for Type clock
• Other fixes and improvements

• Added option to change icon size
• Added option to always keep the wallpaper centered
• Improved Icon pack code
• Improved App drawer layout to match Pixel Launcher
• Removed some app activities from app drawer
• Fixed bottom padding when Search bar is hidden
• Fixed Search bar roundness when using round icons
• Fixed App drawer transparency
• Fixed multi-line labels for folders

Havoc-OS-v3.7-20200708-X01BD-Official 10 months ago

Havoc-OS v3.7 Changelog 07-07-20:

• Merged July Security Patch
• Added Per app network isolation
• Added VoWiFi statusbar icon
• Added VoLTE icon from OOS 10
• Added VPN QS tile
• Added ability to show daily data usage
• Added toggle to force custom doze brightness
• Added icon shapes from Android R
• Added QS tile accent tint
• Added QS statusbar style
• Added Raise to wake
• Added toggle to disable SIM
• Added Edge light animation direction
• Added Edge light Faded/Solid view
• Added configurable sensor block package list
• Added Ringtone focus mode
• Improved QS detail view layout
• Improved AOD QS tile
• Improved Biometric dialog
• Improved AOD charge settings
• Improved IME space toggle code
• Fixed Notification guts color in dark theme
• Fixed Network speed format for 10*KB
• Fixed custom theme crash in landscape mode
• Fixed App drawer background transparency
• Decreased USB-Debugging notification priority
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.6-20200608-X01BD-Official 11 months ago

Havoc-OS v3.6 Changelog 08-06-20:

• Merged June Security Patch
• Added Status bar notification ticker
(Only for devices without a notch)
• Added 4 new clocks
• Added TextClock translations
• Added Battery Bar
• Added Sensor block per package switch
• Added Rounded hexagon icon overlay
• Added some accent color overlays
• Updated some GApps
• Switched to Shady Launcher
• Improved network traffic icon holder
• Cleaned up some fonts
• Fixed bootanimation stutter
• Fixed Wallpaper bug that caused bootloop
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.5-20200520-X01BD-Official 11 months ago

Havoc-OS v3.5 Changelog 20-05-20:

• Added Face Unlock (Only for Official)
• Added Notch hide settings
• Added some new Fonts
• Added Smart Pulldown
• Added OOS styled Network speed indicator
• Added Network speed indicator modes
• Added Network speed indicator refresh interval
• Added Navigation Bar QS tile
• Added Switch to 3G mode to suspend actions
• Added Hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
• Added Dark theme support to AOSP apps
• Added setting to set the default GPU renderer
• Improved Mobile Data QS tile
• Fixed Screenrecord crash
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.5-20200506-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.5 Changelog 06-05-20:

• Merged May Security Patch
• Added 2 Lockscreen clocks
• Added 5 Primary theme colors
• Added Percentage inside battery icon
• Added Notification LED settings
• Added toggle to show icon with Screen Off FOD
• Synced battery icon in settings with status bar
• Fixed Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device
• Fixed 2nd QS tile row disappearing in landscape
• Fixed Freeform windows
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.4-20200421-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.4 Changelog 21-04-20:

• Added Per-app cellular data, vpn and wifi restrictions
• Added Screen off FOD
• Added Swipe up on keyguard to use Face Unlock
• Added toggle to hide space below keyboard when navbar is hidden
• Added internal audio recording to screenrecord
• Added a bitrate selector to screenrecord
• Improved Screenrecord dialog layout
• Removed LTE tile
• Fixed TypeClock layout
• Fixed Flashlight action for buttons and gestures
• Fixed duplicate charging status on keyguard
• Fixed keygugard layout with face unlock
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.4-20200410-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.4 Changelog 10-04-20:

• Merged April Security Patch
• Added Face unlock
• Added new bootanimation (Thanks to @Mithrandirx96)
• Added Adaptive playback
• Added Music heads up on new tracks
• Added toggle for fingerprint animation
• Improved Less boring headsup
• Fixed Custom lockscreen wallpaper
• Fixed Android Auto
• Fixed Charging status in keyguard shown twice
• Fixed Bluetooth turning on in airplane mode
• Removed touch gestures settings on unsupported devices
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.3-20200330-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.3 Changelog 29-03-20:

• Added Android R style Screenrecord dialog
• Added FOD circle below pattern/pin view
• Added panels for some QS tiles on long press
• Added haptic feedback to Switches
• Added Notification log
• Added Skip/Previous Song function to back gesture actions
• Improved Navbar toggle code
• Fixed minimize keyboard navbar button
• Moved fullscreen gesture setting to navbar gesture length
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.3-20200317-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.3 Changelog 16-03-20:

• Added ADB root
• Added double arrow for extended swipe gesture
• Added navigation handle length customization
• Improved QS blur
• Improved running services fragment layout
• Removed Screen off animations
• Cleaned up and improved Config Center
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.3-20200308-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.3 Changelog 05-03-20:

• Merged March Security Patch
• Added long swipe back gesture actions
• Added setting to toggle Navbar
• Added Navbar buttons customizations
• Added option to show Arrow keys while typing
• Added some more Button backlight options
• Added FOD animation from OOS
• Added setting to clamp min auto brightness
• Added FPS Info QS tile for some devices
• Added option to always show Edge lighting
• Added Notification color option for Edge lighting
• Fixed Edge lighting repeat count
• Improved UI theming
• Changed ADB over network tile icon
• Cleaned up Config Center
• Moved volume steps preference to Sound
• Moved some gesture toggles to Config Center
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.2-20200223-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.2 Changelog 23-02-20:

• Added QS background blur
• Added Vibration patterns from OOS
• Added Screen Stabilization QS tile
• Added AOD QS tile
• Added Sound QS tile
• Added Ambient as a gesture action
• Added Wake device as a gesture action
• Added Dark theme scheduling settings
• Added Battery temperature in Battery stats
• Added Back gesture haptic feedback toggle
• Added Permission group for signature spoofing
• Added Edge lighting repeats setting
• Improved Edge lighting color modes
• Improved Small mobile type icons
• Improved Cellular QS tile
• Improved Gesture actions list theme
• Moved In-Call Vibration settings to Sound
• Removed AoD opt-in from Setup Wizard
• Disabled LiveDisplay low power consumption
• Fixed ThemePicker crash with Live wallpaper
• Fixed video playback issues
• Fixed swipe gesture causing keyboard crash
• Fixed opening messaging app with gestures
• Fixed gesture dialog SeekBar color in light theme
• Fixed extra page in QS when the last page is full
• Fixed Failed unlock attempt dialog button
• Fixed incorrect position of FOD on keyguard
• Optimized some things
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS v3.2 Changelog 05-02-20: 1 year ago

• Merged AOSP r27 tag (February Security Patch)
• Added extended screenshot port from OOS
• Added Power off charging animation from Pixel
• Updated some icons to MD2
• Updated raw animations from Pixel 4 XL
• Improved Styles and wallpapers app
• Improved QS panel layout
• Improved partial screenshot
• Improved Airplane mode
• Removed Aggressive battery
• Removed some ugly clock styles
• Other fixes and improvements

* Device Side:
• Enforcing User build
• GoogleCamera Crash fixed

Havoc-OS-v3.1-20200130-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.1 Changelog 29-01-20:

• Added new Partial screenshot implementation
• Added icon for Private dns
• Added more Custom clocks
• Improved Styles and wallpapers app
• Improved theming in Settings
• Improved QS multiuser icon animation
• Fixed Statusbar Camera icon size
• Fixed Screen off animations
• Removed Overlays from apps list
• Other fixes and improvements

Note: GApps versions of Havoc will be released for some devices.
The GApps version requires a clean flash.
Vanilla = ROM, GApps = ROM + GApps

Havoc-OS-v3.1-20200121-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.1 Changelog 20-01-21:

• Added Samsung like lockscreen clock
• Added toggle to hide lock status icon
• Added Screen off animations
• Added dark blue primary color
• Changed back gesture height intervals
• Improved Sound Search QS tile
• Improved QS statusbar and header layout
• Fixed textApperance for some dialogs
• Fixed mobile data usage in qs detail
• Switched to Cloudflare DNS as the default fallback
• Updated Pixel launcher
• Updated Bluetooth battery level icons
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.1-20200111-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.1 Changelog 11-01-20:

• Merged AOSP r25 tag (January Security Patch)
• Added Lineage Touch HAL support for gestures
• Added toggle to disable Notifications vibration
• Added Sensor block per-package
• Added Square and cylinder icon shapes
• Added Sync QS Tile
• Added toggle to hide pill in full gestural nav mode
• Added App version on apk installation dialog
• Added gradient subs theme support for QS tiles
• Allowed Lockscreen art blur to be set to 0
• Removed Date and weather from Text clock
• Fixed Text clock translations
• Fixed lock icon stuck in AoD
• Improved Power button flashlight toggle
• Improved brightness slider layout
• Improved ColorPicker layout
• Replaced AOSP keyboard with GBoard
• Updated some prebuilt apps
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.0-20191215-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.0 Changelog 15-12-19:

• Merged AOSP r18 tag
• Added Running Services icon in QS panel
• Added QS footer icon visibility toggles
• Added Warp charging support
• Added more Font size steps
• Added Custom brightness for Ambient display
• Improved Brightness slider layout & design
• Removed forced battery percent on keyguard
• Fixed Bluetooth icon color
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.0-20191207-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.0 Changelog 07-12-19:

• Merged December Security Patch
• Added Edge lighting
• Added Data Switch QS tile
• Added translations for TextClock
• Added toggle to hide arrow for back gesture
• Added more sounds from Pixel
• Updated sounds from Pixel 4 XL
• Improved Small mobile type icons
• Improved HD VoLTE icon toggle
• Improved Partial screenshot
• Improved Brightness Dialog
• Improved QS tile size and padding
• Improved Bluetooth battery level icons
• Improved Fingerprint settings for devices with FOD
• Moved Notch Cutout settings under display
• Moved Custom DP settings under display
• Fixed DnD icon margin in Volume panel
• Fixed Bluetooth battery level
• Fixed Heads Up in Gaming Mode
• Fixed NavBar layout preference

Havoc-OS-v3.0-20191201-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.0 Changelog 01-12-19:

• Added toggle for battery estimates in QS
• Added seekbar to change animation values
• Added Old style mobile type indicators
• Added toggle to swap back and recents buttons
• Improved Screenrecord
• Improved QS header info layout
• Improved Heads up text style
• Improved Styles & Wallpapers app
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.0-20191129-X01BD-Official.zip 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.0 Changelog 29-11-19:

• Added VoLTE icon to statusbar
• Added QS status bar header image
• Added QS panel opacity
• Added Custom rounded corner and padding preferences
• Added Aspect ratio hack configurable on app level
• Added Notch friendly network traffic
• Added a bolt when battery icon is hidden and charging
• Added Help links in Settings
• Improved Styles & wallpapers app
• Improved Fingerprint dialog on devices with FOD
• Improved CastTile
• Optimized statusbar icons size and layout
• Updated Webview providers
• Removed center clock option for devices with notch
• Fixed QS customizer column menu setup
• Fixed root detection for banking apps
• Fixed default ringtone for 2nd slot on MSIM devices
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.0-20191124-X01BD-Official.zip 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v3.0 Changelog 24-11-19:

• Added Gaming mode
• Added Custom Logo in statusbar
• Added Custom Carrier Label
• Added Statusbar Clock customizations
• Added Quick Settings Pulldown options
• Added Suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is On
• Added Unlink ring and notification volumes
• Added Tap volume buttons to answer call
• Fixed "Clear All" recent app screen loop bug
• Fixed Double tap to wake on ambient display
• Fixed Power menu layout on low DPI
• Fixed custom app selection for HW keys
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v3.0-20191023-X01BD-Official.zip 1 year ago

Initial Android 10 build

Havoc-OS-v2.9-20190910-X01BD-Official.zip 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v2.9 Changelog 10-09-19:

• Merged September security patch
• Added New Recorder app with audio support
• Added Lockscreen Date styles
• Added OP gestures haptic feedback toggle
• Added Circle battery style from PA
• Added Default data SIM switcher in CellularTile
• Added edit action on screenshot notification
• Improved Media seekbar in notification
• Other fixes and improvements

* Device Side
• Added new HD icon from Mi A3 (laurel_sprout)
• Added ZenfonParts QS Tile
• Fixed KCAL set on boot
• Added Google AR support
• Optimize 3GB & 4/6GB RAM variant separately
• Fixed bottom rounded corners
• Updated Stock Camera with adaptive icon
• Merged latest LA.UM.7.2.r1-07500-sdm660.0 in gps & data-ipa-cfg-mgr
• Kernel upstreamed to 4.4.191
• Compiled with Clang 9.0.6
• F2FS support added
• Merged latest LA.UM.7.2.r1-07500-sdm660.0 tag in kernel , qcacld-3.0 , fw-api and qca-wifi-host-cmn
• Included latest f2fs fixes from f2fs-stable

Note : This will be the final release for Pie.
We have started working on Q.
Please do not ask for ETA

Havoc-OS-v2.8-20190808-X01BD-Official.zip 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v2.8 Changelog 07-08-19:

• Merged August Security Patch
• Added ability to restrict app vpn usage
• Added translations for Text Clock
• Enabled OP gestures on keyguard
• Improved Dynamic gaming mode
• Updated prebuilt apps
• Added 2 more battery styles : Big circle & Big dotted circle
• Android Q DP4 icons & qs tiles icons
• InCall Accent UI
• Other fixes and improvements

Havoc-OS-v2.7-20190703-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

* Source Side:

• Merged July Security Patches
• Improved Gaming mode
• Improved Statusbar icon padding
• Improved Smart charging
• Removed Quick Unlock
• Updated Lawnchair to alpha-2238
• Other fixes and improvements
• Fixed updated version of Gaana app creating continous SystemUI reboots

* Device Side:

• Removed prebuilt GoogleCamera
• ZenfoneParts: Added Spectrum QS Tile
• Fixed Dirac's denial
• Update fingerprint to PQ3A.190705.001
• Fixed poweroff charging animation(didnt checked)
• Safetynet Passes without magisk or any mods

Havoc-OS-X01BD-20190701-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Quick short update :
• Added back Snapdragon Camera
• Removed MIUI power off charging animation
• Fixed long press power button torch
• GoogleCamera still intact as prebuilt

Havoc-OS-v2.6.-20190628-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v2.6 Changelog 23-06-19:

• Added Android Q activity animations
• Added new QS tile styles
• Added new Gaming mode
• Improved Pocket mode
• Improved LiveDisplay
• Improved media notifications
• Improved statusbar items layout
• Improved navbar pixel animation
• Changed battery stats reset level to 95%
• Removed screenshot delay

* Device Side

• Upstreamed Kernel to 4.4.184
• Added USB Fastcharge in Zenfoneparts
• GoogleCamera functional now (credits @Rk585)
• Add Zenmotions (Screen off gestures) [Experimental for now but works] so any bug reports related to zenmotions
will be ignored coz i know all if there's any.
• Live Display disabled coz we have Zenfoneparts KCAL.

Havoc-OS-v2.6-20190614-X01BD-Official 1 year ago

* Source Side :

Havoc-OS v2.6 Changelog 14-06-19:

• Reverted back to the old gaming mode
• General bug fixes & improvements

* Device Side :
• Switch to libperfmgr powerhint
• Hardcode node for dt2w implementation
• Updated Power HAL to 1.3
• Fixed Wifi-Display (Thanks to @Dhairy_dev)
• Added Crosshatch Build Fingerprint
(Now Safetney status will paas and also fixed the device name shows as HM Note 3)
• Switched to new ZenfoneParts with features
* Camera2 API Toggle
* Torch Brightness Control
* Haptic Feedback Control
* KCAL Display Calibration
* Grayscale & KCAL Presets
* Spectrum Profiles
* Dirac Sound Enhancer
* Headphone Gain
* Microphone Gain
• Upstreamed kernel to 4.4.181

Havoc-OS-v2.6-20190608-X01BD-Official Changelog 1 year ago

• Added new Gaming mode
(Havoc Settings > Misc)
• Added a toggle for charging animation
• Added Battery temp in battery usage
• Fixed analog clocks not refreshing in AOD
• Improved Android Q clock related stuff
• Some more fixes/improvements
• Added Overhauled ZenfoneParts with more features

Havoc-OS-v2.6-20190604-X01BD-Official Changelog 1 year ago

Havoc-OS v2.6 Changelog 04-06-19:

• Merged June security patches
• Added an animation for charging
• Added back Night Light
• Added battery saving mode for location
• Added toggle for lockscreen charging animation
• Changed Android Q clock to Accent color
• Updated Lawnchair to alpha-2081
• Some more fixes/improvements

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