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Newera Linux is a linux based desktop operating system to be released in 2020.
Newera Linux is currently being tested, fine tuned, updated and hardened as at December 2019.
More information is available on the product website @ https://NeweraLinux.com
Any comments are welcome.
Not all websites and social media are fully up to date at this stage until the development phase is finished for the 2020 launch.
This project is alive and evolving as you read. Running websites, servers and a myriad of other daily admin stuff on the development desktop.
|- currently based on (64-bit) -|
* Ubuntu 18.04
* KDE plasma 5.17.4
* Linux kernel 5.3
* Qt 5.12.4
- using Ubuntu Server (18.04) for cloud server with Cyberpanel as admin GUI.
- currently stationed, parked and operating on a HP 2000 Notebook, 4 core Intel i5 cpu, 8 gig ram, 16" & 24" monitor, wireless mouse & keyboard.
- Backed up weekly as an ISO , Snapshot, VM image and incremental cloud drive backups.
- Tested on other devices regularly.
More information and specifications will be added.

☁️ More information is available at https://neweralinux.com
☁️ email: support@newera.cloud
Development, production, design, hosting and other services: Newera Cloud | https://newera.cloud
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*Needs pling-store or ocs-url to install things
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