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This is a (hacky) fork of KDE's digital clock, so it looks like the old BeClock kwin effect (

It also have a "flash" effect every hour (when the clock clicks XX:00).

You can:
Modify the ring's colors
Disable/Enable the flash
Add a background image of your distro (or any image you want, even remote images).

I want to make it more configurable, so if you have any suggestion for making it more appealing, please tell me (it will depend of my abilities as programmer :) )

Note: if when adding the date the text doesn't appear vertically centered, resize it a little until you like their positions.

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Last changelog:

3.0+BE-3.7 6 months ago

Option to directly hide time.
Changed configuration page a little, to make it more logical.



1 year ago

Thank you for the new version!



2 years ago

Hermoso sin duda, me fascina :D




2 years ago

Gracias, me alegro que te guste.



2 years ago

you can put a logo of the distro that you use would look great




2 years ago

great idea. Wont be hard to do. thanks.


3.0+BE-3.7 6 months ago

Option to directly hide time.
Changed configuration page a little, to make it more logical.

3.0+BE-3.6 8 months ago

Better animation code and fix of a weird bug at minute 01.

3.0+BE-3.5 9 months ago

Time font size can be proportional to widget size or fixed size.

Date font size can be proportional to widget size now.

Font options in config appear only if fonts are visible.

3.0+BE-3.4 9 months ago

Option to turn off backgrounds shadow.

3.0+BE-3.3 1 year ago

Date font size is now adjustable!

3.0+BE-3.2 1 year ago

Animation optimization: Rings retracts clockwise when they reach 0 s/m/h (it used to be counter-clockwise, which is weird for a clock).

3.0+BE-3.1 1 year ago

Icons on config pages added/changed

3.0+BE-3.0 1 year ago

Now the radius and width of rings is configurable. It's a multiplier of the plasmoid size.

3.0+BE-2.2 1 year ago

Now choosing "transparent" as text color will make disappear correctly.

3.0+BE-2.1 2 years ago

Added an optional ring for the seconds.

You can change text and shadow colors. Remember you can use "transparent" as the color.

3.0+BE-2.0 2 years ago

You can add a background image. There are included images for many distros: Arch, Debian, Fedora, Kde, Kubuntu, Neon, Suse and Ubuntu and you can use your own images, even remote images.

product-maker nithya Jun 17 2020 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker shamrock Oct 23 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent
product-maker assmarqandi Sep 29 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent hi, can you add an option to adjust the digital clock font size? and to hide the digital clock?
product-maker supereman505 May 31 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent The only thing I can ask for as I don't see it is to adjust the size of the font for the date that appears on the clock
product-maker migzulk Mar 04 2019 9 excellent
product-maker beskepticalofurself Feb 08 2019 9 excellent
+Hey. Thanks for this addon! If you don't have anything better to do, I have some non-vital suggestions: 1. Make it so that if I set both (number's) text color and text shadow to transparent, then I can only see the clock-circles. 2. Make the gap between timezone and clock be adjustable (size in pixels). 3. Make the thickness of (each of) the circles be adjustable (size in pixels). 4. Make the gaps between the circles themselves be adjustable (size in pixels). 5. Make the central unused space be adjustable (size in pixels). 6. Unimportant: Ideally there could maybe be a color-choosing popup or dialog. Ideally KDE would have something built-in for this. Similar to this maybe: I have a few more ideas, but those are even more niche aesthetic preferences.
product-maker aram Aug 16 2018 9 excellent
product-maker rodrigoesborges Jul 15 2018 9 excellent
product-maker KAMiKAZOW Jun 25 2018 9 excellent
product-maker AlexKol Jun 14 2018 9 excellent
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Apr 20 2018
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