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Designed specially for Markdown, VNote is a Vim-inspired note-taking application, which knows programmers and Markdown better.

VNote is a Qt-based, free and open source note-taking application, focusing on Markdown. VNote is designed to provide comfortable edit experience.

VNote is NOT just a simple editor for Markdown. By providing notes management, VNote makes taking notes in Markdown simpler and more pleasant.

Utilizing Qt, VNote could run on Linux, Windows, and macOS.


Supports inserting images directly from clipboard;
Supports syntax highlights of fenced code blocks in both edit and read mode;
Supports outline in both edit and read mode;
Supports custom styles in both edit and read mode;
Supports Vim mode and a set of powerful shortcuts;
Supports infinite levels of folders;
Supports multiple tabs and splitting windows;
Supports Mermaid, Flowchart.js, and MathJax;
Supports HiDPI;
Supports attachments of notes.
Supports themes and dark mode.
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