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It was around the previous wallpaper bundled with Plasma 5, Graphite, that I began using my wallpapers on all my devices as a form of dogfooding. If I didn't like any aspect of my wallpapers, I would need to live with them for 3 months as a driver for quality.

This is the first wallpaper where I had something that bothered me, which was the blue light. I didn't really like it when I made it, and I should have done something more. For 3 months I looked at the blue section and *hated* it with a passion that I hadn't done more. It used it on my work computer, home computer, phone, everything. Now when I make wallpapers, the Skylight wallpaper is the reminder that I can't leave out one detail - lest I stare at it for months.


4 months ago

9 + I really like the blue :S


product-maker dequire Apr 27 2019 9 excellent
+ I really like the blue :S
product-maker gustavodiazjaimes Jul 02 2017 9 excellent
product-maker WarriorIng64 Jun 03 2017 9 excellent
product-maker aldy Mar 16 2017 9 excellent
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