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Crosslinker FM is a file manager written with Python. Currently, it has the following main features:

-Written with Python and GTK3.
- Supports custom styling with CSS and by doing so also looks good in QT environment.
-Can play music with Pygame and print out Mp3 metadata using Xfce-notifyd and python modules.
-Has a trashcan feature and instant delete feature.
-Can decompress and compress files and folders.

-Supports quick words. For example the following can be written to the location field:

https:website or http:website to open a website location. Enter a local address to open a folder(for example: /home) music (opens Music directory inside user's home), desk (opens Desktop directory inside user's home), loads (opens Downloads directory inside user's home) sudo (opens graphical sudo or gksudo), synaptic(opens synaptic package manager as sudo or gksudo)

-Has clock showing date and time.

Here is the link that leads to the programs release posting, which contains further information and a download: http://www.techtimejourney.net/crosslinker-fm-v-5-has-arrived/
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