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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


This playlist parser parses Youtube playlist links in format ''.

To get to the playlist page from a channel you must start playing the first video in the playlist and then click on the video's title.

Now you're on the normal youtube view with playlist bar on the bottom. To get to the playlist page you have to click on the playlist's name on the playlist bar.

Open the playlist page's url in VLC and it should automatically populate your VLC's playlist with the youtube videos.


7 years ago

Thanks for all your help. I have one other question - Is it possible to modify the script to grab the most recent videos from a Username?

I was able to look through the YouTube API, and it seems the URL to get the most recent videos from a Username is:

The API URL is slightly different from the URL in your code, but I thought there might be a way..

Thanks again!



9 years ago

Hi, i'm brand new here. Can somebody please help! Idk what to do with the code. I copied it to clipboard, now where do I paste it in, LoL

It would be GREAT to snatch up YouTube playlists and play them in vlc (so i can speed up, slow down, add audio compression and eq etc. etc. I am already doing this, but having to cut and paste individual videos into vlc play list one at a time.

I had Fortran years ago, and this and that computer programming but nothing very profound (except internet, old dos, ms office, oh and I had some autocad and batch/script programming -- and a long time go, a bit of assembly programming).




9 years ago

Never mind, I told you I am brand new. LoL

sorry to bother all you experienced professional programmers.

I just now, noticed, "licensed to BSD." i think this means will not work under Windows 7 ?

Er, well, If someone knows how, if you could please comment!

Would be much appreciated!!



8 years ago


No, "BSD lisence" means it's a free software that you can use, copy, share freely.

This playlist parser doesn't work anymore (for the playlists I tried anyway) because Youtube change the way they manage playlists on the website.
I wrote an other YouTube Playlist parser (called "YouTube Playlist importer") that you can find in this section. It seems to work great so far.

All the installation/usage instructions are mentioned on the download page.




9 years ago

Please include how to install the extension. I've discovered by some hard work that, on Linux, I have to put it in:


(Create the folder if its doesn't exists. The script must be inside playlist folder, with this name also).

By the way, very useful extension.




9 years ago

Newest VLC at this date crashes when playing any YouTube video.

This is not the fault of this addon.


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