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9 years ago

I'd been waiting for a fix to this, as I use the Amarok 2 remote for Android and have been frustrated by those two particular deficiencies. At one point, I went poking through the source of the script (which is included in the executable, since it's Javascript) to see if I could fix it.

I was able to get some things done, but I felt my understanding of what I was supposed to do would be better if I could see the source of the Android client, as well. The source is missing from the maintainer's website, and when I emailed him asking for it, I never got a response.

If you don't mind, could you describe what you had to change and why? (I'll of course also compare the two versions of amarokfunc.js.)

Again, thank you!




9 years ago

With this we get a relative path to the music.

SELECT rpath FROM urls LEFT JOIN tracks ON = tracks.url WHERE = '+trackId+';'

With this other part that we need to make the first an absolute path.

SELECT lastmountpoint FROM devices LEFT JOIN (urls LEFT JOIN tracks ON = tracks.url) ON = urls.deviceid WHERE = '+trackId+';'

Concatenate and we have the absolute path.
Now you can call to Amarok.Playlist.addMedia without problems.
Sorry for my English.


10 years ago

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