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StreamRecorder is a simple and easy to use script that lets you record from streaming to your local hard drive.

Once you install and run it from the Script Manager, adds a right-click menu to start and stop recording as seen on screenshots.

You can start recording and listening at the same time (with low bandwidth consumption) or you can start recording on a playing stream clicking 'Record' in the menu.

When you choose 'Stop currently recording' from the menu or the streaming is paused/stoped, it stops recording. It's also stoped when you change the stream.

It generates one file for each record. The format depends on the streaming and the name is a timestamp. You can change options and the directory where files are saved by editing the script (parameters are located at the top). Default directory is /home/Music

It's based on RecordRadio.

Requieres Streamripper and Amarok.

Last changelog:

11 years ago

- 0.1 Initial release


9 years ago

If I choose record livestream or record webradio I get this error:

/bin/bash: line 9: kill: (9) - Operation not permitted


I'm trying to record a stream.

Any hints?



11 years ago

The script seems to install OK, and I can access the menus , apparently to start and stop recording , but no file is produced.

The output log follows:

/home/john/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/StreamRecorder: line 67: ((: == 2: syntax error: operand expected (error token is "== 2")
/home/john/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/StreamRecorder: line 95: [: engineStateChange: playing: unary operator expected
/home/john/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/StreamRecorder: line 95: [: trackChange: unary operator expected
/home/john/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/StreamRecorder: line 95: [: playlistChange: changed: unary operator expected
/home/john/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/StreamRecorder: line 95: [: customMenuClicked: StreamRecorder Stop currently recording rtsp:// unary operator expected


11 years ago

- 0.1 Initial release

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