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This Script is a modded version of RockBox Cover Creator by Adrian.

This version is meant for people who use the iRiver in plugged-in mode to listen to music and keep in sync with the mp3s on Harddisk.

You need to set a root folder for your music on your HD and on your RockBox player in

Then there will be two cover.bmp created: one on HD, and one on RockBox.

Also, this Script is Umlauts and Unicode-safe.

Hope someone finds it as useful as it is for me.


15 years ago

it worths install Rockbox on an iPod? I have seen videos on youtube and the only advantatge I see is format support, the UI is a bit ugly (compared with the apple one), btw Amarok support for iPod is good enough..

Which player do you use?



13 years ago

If you don't see the difference between your awfully restrictive ipod firmware and the truely brilliant rockbox then you need to stick with your ipod for dummies software.

How can you possibly comment on something you clearly have never bothered reading up on. If something is completely configurable how can it possibly be ugly? How many ipods with original fw can play 15 audio codecs, have gapless playback, the ability to create custom themes from the ground up, contain full replay-gain support and have an optional spoken interface.

Read the feature list and compare before making stupid comments.



12 years ago

Now, perhaps; in 2006 it certainly wasn't as stable as it is now. I've seen it come leaps and bounds since then.

Thanks for this script - i've tried similar things for windows so looking forward to checking the results.




15 years ago

I use an iRiver H340 with the experimental build, but a fried of mine asked me to install RockBox on his iPod Color. Well, the developers themselves say that it is heavy under construction firmware, some even state it is in Alpha-stage. But here are my impressions:

* Power Management is not done yet. You won't have so much playtime as with the original firmware
* Playback works without glitches for files with bitrates < 190kBit/sec. OGG Playback can be stated as unusable ATM.
* Most of the cool Plugins and Patches are not available yet for iPod.

* You only have to install the Bootloader once and then upgrade Rockbox by USB, and then load the rockbox file. Not even a reboot of the iPod is needed.
* You don't have to choose between Rockbox and stock Firmware. Once the Bootloader is installed, You just hold the Button and turn on, then you are in stock Firmware!

So, nothing to lose, except ~ 30 mins of your time. I also heard that you cant brick your iPod by flashing it, because theres a combination for a service menu from where you can flash it as new, as I heard of it.

So my final opinion is: do it!
If you don't like it, you can always boot it like usual!



14 years ago

I don't use rockbox on my iPod, however iPod Linux is very good, use google. It doesn't have good support for music but it adds many applicaitons such as a gameboy emulator and doom


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