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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


Amakonvi 0.2 Script for Amarok, automatically "Now Playing" for Konversation.
There are several scripts for Konversation that shows Amarok info but they don't update and shows track name/artist when song changes. Amakonvi can do it :-)

Extract files in Amarok scripts directory, usually is
make both files executables:
[quote]chmod +x
chmod +x[/quote]

Open Amarok, go to Tools --> Script Manager and you'll see both files. Right click in and Edit, go to last line and replace "#blogdrake"
for your favorite IRC server and channel, for example: "#konversation"
or whatever. Save changes, now select and click Run. You must see song and artist name that amarok is playing in Konversation channel.

See screenshots, read README file in tarball or visit this post in (Mandriva weblog/forum for Spanish community) for more info.

Thanks to Kopete Now Listening script, "lite" version, by Amy Brodzik, Amakonvi is based on his work. Another thanks for guys in #konversation channel in Freenode for give some clues with DCOP.

This is first version and I'm not a scripting wizard so please don't be rude and leave a comment :-)
Tested successfully with Amarok 1.4.7 (KDE 3.5.7) and Konversation 1.0.1 under Mandriva Linux 2008.0


- 0.2 (21-jun-2008) in README file added link to this script in KDE-Apps and Spanish instructions translation. Moved to .TAR.GZ

- 0.1 (18-jun-2008) Initial release.
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