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Like the alarm plugin, but turns off your computer at a certain time instead of playing music. Usefull for those of us who lose track of time listening to music.For the next version, I hope to add different options (shutdown using the "shutdown -h now" command, logout, switch to console, quit amarok, stop music), but it will be a while, since my free time can be described as lacking, at best.


15 years ago

Yeah i kinda realized that maybe this wasnt really the best thing for a music player, seeing as it had nothing to do with actually playing music. Im playing on adding quite a bit more that actually does have to do with amarok, such as starting at stopping at a certain time, or loading a playlist at a certain time. But since I have little free time or programming knowledge, this will take a little while



15 years ago

Sorry, but isn't this rather a job for cron or at, than for a music player?

Don't understand me wrong, perhaps your work is just the thing everyone in this world absolutely needs, and I'm just too stupid to understand it... I don't mean to stop you from contributing, its just that I think apps shouldn't always do everything possible, but concentrate on the things they're meant for...


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