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copyAmarokCovers - recurse through a music collection and copy all available Amarok 1.4 cover images to the corresponding album directory (as "cover.png").

Start it in the base directory of your music collection. It assumes one directory to be one album. Only the highest-level subdirectories are processed (e. g. "Artist/Album/CD1", not "Artist/Album" in this case). Amarok's database is queried for the first file in each such directory to get the actual artist and album names.

Existing "cover.png" files will be overwritten. Does not work for Various Artists CDs at the moment. Probably, this script will eat your dog or steal your girlfried. Don't blame me if it messes up anything, man ;-)

This script is not intended to be started or installed via Amarok's script manager! The script uses the md5sum program located the GNU textutils package (which will probably installed anyway).
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11 years ago

2009-11-21: Version 0.1
Initial release.

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11 years ago

2009-11-21: Version 0.1
Initial release.

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