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With a new dualhead setup with 3,614,720 total pixels comes another screenshot. Beryl makes the pendulum of sweet desktop graphics swing back to linux... as far as the window manager is concerned, anyway. Unfortunately, panels, taskbars, and gkrellm are still ugly, so:

1) I made the panel transparent (that's just kicker, since there's not a nicer launcher/docker that's not alpha-level)

2) I hid the taskbar in the lower-left hand corner of the left-hand monitor

3) There's nothing yet that can replace gkrellm -- karamba will eat cpu cycles if you have it update 10x per second. So it's 50% transparent.

The icons are colored versions of Glassy Icons and Ice Icons. I found all the wallpapers/backgrounds at and from links from that site. The Style is Domino, with the Citrus config, and using Beryl to make the menus transparent. The color scheme is Citrus, and the Emerald theme is also called Citrus. The clock is a Screenlet:
with a re-colored face.


12 years ago

what is the launcher you are using?




12 years ago

It's just a transparent Kicker. I tried kxdocker and kiba-dock, but neither is anywhere near ready to be used on an actual desktop.


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