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QtBasic: a simple basic interpreter with Qt influences.
It’s quite difficult (and not very smart) to impose its own priorities
onto a client.
By this I mean that the devices I build require the writing of a script
in order to realize small automations according to necessity.
Javascript is my favourite scripting language, but my clients are quite
the opposite opinion.
On the contrary, when I propose BASIC to my customers, they start smiling and look very pleased!
In my opinion this is a matter of culture: BASIC language is considered
a simple language, but is it really that simple? Well, if that’s what they want ...
The thing I’m talking about is really quite easy, MTParser (http://www.codeproject.com/KB/recipes/MathieuMathParser.aspx) is widely used in order to solve algebraic expressions.
QtBasic it’s quite slow, absolutely incomplete and poorly documented!
But if someone would find himself under the same ‘disgraceful’ conditions as I do, he could freely use it and create a basis.
In order to evaluate it, I would advise you to download the RAR binary, unzip it and launch CEDT.EXE, a small editor through which you can open the available examples.
After pressing CTRL+1, they are executed.
That’s all!
I’ve developed it under Win7 with VS2008 and the Qt 4.7.4., and really
wouldn’t know if it works on another platform.
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