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QElectroTech is a Qt4 application to design electric diagrams. It uses XML
files for elements and diagrams, and includes both a diagram editor and an
element editor.

The 0.3 version brings more electrical elements, more translations, texts-related improvements, a faster elements panel and custom title block templates.

First, the collection of symbols has made a big step forward, with about 1560 new elements. There are now symbols for pneumatics, hydraulics, process, solar, cold, etc. Considerable effort has been done to organize the collection in a better way. We hope that the new organisation is clearer for all

We have also added:
Image import in the folios, a feature that we have been requested. It is now possible to import images in your diagrams, to resize them, to save images and their position in .qet files. Rotation of images and 'undo/redo' (ctrl+Z, ctrl+shift+Z) work in the same way as for symbols.
The incremental numbering of conductors and an addition of dialogs to automatically rotate text if the corresponding conductor is vertical or horizontal. Parameters are saved in qelectrotech.conf

Considerable work has been done for text fields that can be now be moved and rotated. You can also change the color of conductors or draw them with dotted lines.
A text editor with HTML for text fields in the diagrams. With a bit of HTML code, you can now add tables, choose font size and color, etc.
In the symbol editor:
Considerable work has be done to replace the manual defining zone of the symbol, aka hotspot. It is now automatic. You do not have to care about it anymore.
Primary colors have been added for the drawing shapes.
A contextual menu (right click) has been added. So, you can now work more quickly with symbols. It is also more user-friendly.
In the title block editor:
You can now customize your title blocks. Models have been included in Qet.

Qet is now available in French, English, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Czech, Italian, Greek, Catalan, Romanian, Croatian, Russian and German. With the translation of the software in Arabic, work has been done to allow 'Right To Left' writing.
Although translation in German and Russian are not complete, we have decided to ship this version with them.


7 years ago

thanks man, that's really helpful.




7 years ago

thanks man, that's really helpful


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