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The mini-assistant is a small widget, which can be embbeded
within your application to provide a similar experience
as the full bloat Qt4-Assitant, with some constrains.

This is a stand alone dockable widget which is completely
self contained, and has constructed mainly of a tab widget which
separates the GUI to the index tab and the Mini-Browser.

The Mini Assistant has the following features:
- Can load DCF files used by Qt4 documentation
- Can display the Qt4 documentation
- Can display a list of references available in the loaded DCF file
- Can filter the list of pages "on the fly"
- The Mini Browser has a "URL" edit for quick acess to pages, which supports completion
- Tracks the history of visited help pages, and lists them as popular pages
- Can scan a QTextEdit a give suggestions to help pages
- Uses the model view controller support provided by Qt4
- All internal classes are contained in an MiniAssistantInt internal namespace

The code is fully documented, and HTML documentation is available in the doc/html directory.

The project is licensed under the terms of the LGPL 2, which is available in the same
directory as this readme.


12 years ago


+/- buttons has no tooltips
it is no way to create new tabs (bug or feature?)

fix it plz


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