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SchoolMentor 1.0

Refresh your knowledge or test others with SchoolMentor!

To redact your own questions go to the instalation directory, open the folder Softigation-Database
and redact the file Questions.xml.

Each question has this format:

< Question number='1' type='SingleChoice' >Who was Leo Tolstoy?
< Option value='wrong' >A British Singer< /Option >
< Option value='wrong' >A French politician< /Option >
< Option value='wrong' >A Cuban swimmer< /Option >
< Option value='right' >A Russian writer< /Option >
< Option value='wrong' >An Italian actor< /Option >
< /Question >


This language is called XML, which is very easy to understand but if you have any questions
please take a look at some good XML tutorials on the internet.

The attribute ``number´´ is the number of the question and has to be a sequence.

The attribute ``value´´ tells if the option is right or wrong. Possible values are: right or wrong.

The attribute ``type´´ kann be SingleChoice or MultipleChoice. If SingleChoice only one option can right, if MultipleChoice at least 2 options must be right.

Change the time for the certification on this section of the XML File:

< Time >
< Hours >0< /Hours >
< Minutes >20< /Minutes >
< /Time >

Change the introduction text for the certtification on this section:

< IntroText >
< ![CDATA[

< h1 >General Education Exam< /h1 >

< h1 >Intructions:< /h1 >
< br/ >

This Exams consists of 8 questions< br/ >< br/ >
Time:1 Hours and 14 minutes< br/ >< br/ >
Minimum percentage to pass is 60 %< br/ >< br/ >

You can take a break during the exam any time by pressing the "Pause" button, in that case the clock will be stoped, Additionally
"Next Question" and "Previous Question" buttons will be disabled. To go on you press the "Continue" button.< br/ >< br/ >

After answering all questions you can press the "Show results" button to find out whether you passed the exam or you failed,
You can see also which questions has been answered right or wrong.< br/ >< br/ >

Most of the question in this exam belong to general education, which means you problaby know the answers
from school in prior years or learned this stuff from hearing from others or even from comunication media like
radio, television or internet.< br/ >< br/ >

For Feeback or any questions concerning this exam please contact us at:< br/ >< br/ >

We wish you a lot of fun and good learning while going through the exam!< br/ >< br/ >

Good Luck!< br/ >

]] >
< /IntroText >

If you would like us to publish your certification`s questions, please send us the xml file to:


9 years ago


this is a proprietary application. Please move it to

Thank you.




9 years ago

Please keep clean by publishing proprietary apps on There is no source code for this app, so it is proprietary. Releasing it as freeware doesn't make it free in the GNU sense (see So this project should be moved to


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