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Texmaker is a Qt5 LaTeX editor. Texmaker runs natively on Unix, macosx and win32 systems.
Texmaker includes unicode support, spell checking, auto-completion, code folding and a built-in pdf viewer with synctex support and continuous view mode.
Last changelog:

Version 5.0 3 years ago

New and modern interface. A new pdf engine is used. Support for highdpi has been added on windows and linux


10 years ago

It would be nice if system colors were inherited in KDE




10 years ago

I reported a bug related with acentuation in portugese some months ago. Was it corrected?



12 years ago

Is there any way of changing encoding on-the-fly?



13 years ago

It is difficult to download one of these files. Please check it!


Version 5.0 3 years ago

New and modern interface. A new pdf engine is used. Support for highdpi has been added on windows and linux

5 years ago

Version 4.5 :
- /Library/TeX/texbin/ has been added to the default path for MacOsX El Capitan
- the content of the \cite{} command is no more scanned while the spell checking
- a compilation trouble has been fixed with Qt 5.5.x
- a new option allow the svn users to display the uncommitted lines with a different color in the line number widget (Configure Texmaker -> Editor)
- two more options for the pdf internel viewer contextual menu (user request): number of words in the current pdf page and open the file browser at the pdf file location

Version 4.4.x :
- a new wizard for a standard XeLaTeX document has been added
- a script ("User" menu to execute it) to apply a hard word wrap at 80 columns to the selected text has been added (will work like the php wordwrap() function - just change the textwidth value in the script if you need another value)
- the list of furnished scripts is displayed in the "Run Script" sub-menu of the "User" menu (if a script is located at the same place than the furnished scripts, it will appear automtically in this menu)
- support for the meta tags "% !TEX encoding=" and "% !TEX spellcheck" has been added (the meta tag "% !TEX root" is already supported)
- .vrb,.listing and .spx extensions have been added to the "Clean" command (users requests) - cs, de, el, hu, pl, ru, se and vi translations have been updated (thanks to all the translators)

Version 4.3 :
A visual diff tool and an option to automatically clean the auxiliary files when exiting have been added. All opened files can now be reloaded from the disk with a single operation. When a command failed, the error message is now more complete and some translations have been updated.

Version 4.2 :
Advanced users can now extend the functionalities of the editor by running scripts via the "User" menu. A bug about the keyboard triggers for the snippets has been fixed and some translations have been updated.

Version 4.1.1 :
The LaTeX reference manual and some translations have been updated. Some requests from users have been implemented and two spelling dictionaries have been added.

Version 4.1 :
A wizard, with theme preview, to edit quickly a beamer presentation has been added. Texmaker now supports LuaLaTeX and new "Quick build" modes for standards operations with bib(la)tex have been added. Utf8 encoding without bom is now detected and a link to the english wikibook about LaTeX has been added to the "Help" menu.

Version 4.0.4 :
The support for the 0.24 poppler version has been added and a compilation trouble on ARM architecture has been fixed. Dragging and dropping image files in the editor is now supported.

Version 4.0.3 :
The windows and MacOsXlion versions are now compiled with Qt 5.1 and poppler 0.22. Find-and-replace actions can now be applied to a selection only and a tool to convert source files to Unicode has been added. Users can now check if a new version is available via a new option in the "Help" menu.

Version 4.0.2 :
Mac OS X High-dpi support has been added to the pdf viewer, the symbols and almost all of the icons. The part/chapter/section... tags are now totally boldified in the editor for a better detection. On linux, the session file is now stored in the standard ./cache directory instead of the /tmp folder. New translations have been also added.

Version 4.0.1 :
A potential risk of crash when synctex is sending a bad page number has been fixed.
The -Pdownload35 option has been added to the default dvips command for MiKTeX users on windows.

Version 4.0 :
The code has been ported to Qt5 (but this version can also be compiled with Qt4).
From this version, Texmaker will be principally developed under QT5.
A keyboard shortcut has been added to toggle between the master and the current document.
A specific "quick build" command has been added for the .asy files : the asymptote figures can now be compiled and displayed with the F1 shortcut.

Version 3.5.2 :
The bug about the shortcut of the "quick build" command has been fixed.

Version 3.5.1 :
A wizard to export the current document to html or odt format has been added. The system PATH can now be completed in the configuration dialog and a "quick build" mode for XeLaTeX has been added. Some bugs about the keyboard shortcuts have been fixed.

Version 3.5 :
The internal pdf viewer has been widely improved. Users can now rotate pages, choose to display one (in continuous or non-continuous mode) or two pages at the same time. A presentation mode has also been added.
Capturing text is now supported for the regular expressions and a new option has been added to the command line which allows the insertion of a piece of code in the current document.

Version 3.4.1 :
A bug about the buttons in the configuration dialog has been fixed.
While using Texmaker on the gnome desktop, the icons for the standard actions are now issued from the gtk theme.

Version 3.4 :
With a new option, the "--output-directory=build" parameter is added automatically to the (pdf)latex command and the log and pdf files are reached by Texmaker in the "build" subdirectory . The commands "Open a terminal" and "Save a copy" have been added and regular expression can now be used in the find/replace dialogs. A words counter has also been added to the internal pdf viewer and the biblatex entries have been completed with the optional fields. Some minors bugs have been fixed and the MacOsX Lion full-screen mode is now supported.

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