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New commands: / freedcpp, / fuser, / removefu, / listfu, / emoticons.
Support for emoticons in chat and drugs.
Interception of external hub links Magnet links.
Convolution Magnet links in the text chat and drugs.
Support of themes.
Pop-up notification.
Support for audio (sound notifications).
New icons Members area.
Support for selected users (no gui to manage favorites).
Select the color of favorites in the user-list, sorting.
New button (show / hide): user-list and the transfer panel.
Animation status icons, which received drugs.
New tab (Settings): Preview, sounds, colors and fonts, Notifications, Themes, Toolbar.
Minimize the program in trays, when pressed close the window.
Quick insert nickname (nicknames) in the input line (double-click on the nick in the text chat).
New logo.
Support for color, style, text chat and drugs.
Preview files.
Updated translation Russian (ru). * Updated translation Russian (ru).

Added more options, like: disabling smilies, the possibility to minimize to systray when you close the program and a spam filter.
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*Needs pling-store or ocs-url to install things
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