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Scientific application for data analysis and technical graphics. An application for scientific graphics and data analysis. It features spreadsheets and interactive plots in a user-friendly graphic interface. It has been programmed from scratch using C and the GTK and GtkExtra toolkits. The spreadsheets evaluate expressions in Python, and the plots generate publication quality PostScript output. It has a native file format in XML and it is enhanced under GNOME. The project is open-source and continuously augmented in functionality by many users throughout the world. It is becoming very popular in the scientific community, and it is included in most of the Linux/BSD distributions. Moreover, SciGraphica is being used at places like Siemens, and Nasa (see for instance, the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission at, and for ocean modeling (

Main features:

* You can plot functions and manipulate data in worksheets.
* You can open several worksheets and plots and work with them interactively and at the same time.
* The plots are fully configurable using a control panel dialog.
* The look and feel is completely WYSIWYG.
* Production/Publication quality PostScript output.
* You can interact with the plots double-clicking, dragging and moving objects with the mouse.
* Native XML file format.
* You can insert Python expressions in the worksheets.
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