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Xplorer filemanager


Xplorer is a filemanager for POSIX conformant operating systems using the X-Window-System (X11).

You can navigate in your local filesystem and launch applications.

Xplorer figures out filetypes and launches an application appropriate to process these files.

You can get information about files, move, copy or delete them.

Xplorer gets most of its functionality from C++X (libcxxx), a shared library written from scratch. C++X and Xplorer are developed in parallel at present, but in the future there will be other applications using C++X. Until then, C++X is only available as part of the Xplorer package.

C++X has built-in support for internationalization. English, German and Spanish language is offered at the moment. The tool intlize needed to create translations is located at http://intlize.sourceforge.net.

One goal of C++X is to minimize dependencies on other programs/libraries, Xplorer should run on every POSIX box with a working X-Window-System.


12 years ago

This app doesn't require GTK+ at all so I don't know why its here and do we _really_ need another file manager.



12 years ago

Personally? YES.
I am using a DYNE LINUX ( LIVE ) and came to a point where I got tired of using the ROX File manager. I tried CRUSADER and DOLPHIN but requires a higher version of GTK's and KDE's libraries.

Thank you to somebody who made xplorer filemanager.



12 years ago

No, it does not but, unfortunately, there is no X-Apps.org here.


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