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Lightweight X11 desktop panel based on fbpanel
It's the default desktop panel of LXDE project:
http://lxde.sourceforge.net/ LXPanel is a lightweight X11 desktop panel contains:
1. User-friendly application menu automatically generated from *.desktop files on the system.
2. Launcher bar (Small icons clicked to launch apps)
3. Task bar supporting urgency hint (Can flash when gaim gets new incoming messages)
4. Notification area (System tray)
5. Digital clock
6. Run dialog (A dialog let you type a command and run, can be called in external programs)
7. Net status icon plug-in (optional, ported from gnome-netstatus-applet)
8. Volume control plug-in (optional, written by jserv)
9. lxpanelctl, an external controller let you control lxpanel in other programs. For example, "lxpanelctl run" will show the Run dialog in lxpanel, and "lxpanelctl menu" will show the application menu. This is useful in key bindings provided by window managers.

LXPanel is based on fbpanel originally written by Anatoly Asviyan.

./configure --help to see available options. (default options is quite OK, though)

Please take a look at /usr/share/lxpanel/default to understand the configuration.

The config file of lxpanel is different from fbpanel's.
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