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GUI for Internet Translation Services What is YouTranslate! ?
Briefly it's just a small and simple application that lets you use some internet translation services in an easy and fast way. I have developed this software just because every time I need to translate a word (or a phrase) I have to open my internet browser, go to the translation service provider, select source and destination languages, adn wait for the resposnse.

With YouTranslate! it's possible to skip many of the previous steps and focus your attention only on what do you want to translate.
In this first stable release, the application supports only 3 translation service provider: Google, BabelFish (AltaVista) and Systran.
Thanks to the internal structure of the application, it will be possible to add other providers in the future.
If you need a different provider inside YouTranslate!, just send me an email with the request.
Finally, let me say that YouTranslate! is freely inspired to GNOME Translate.

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