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The qmeters library provides a highly customizable Qt widget able to create complex
analog/dial widgets (multiple scales, multiple needles, customizable needles and backgrounds).

The idea behind qmeters is a "container" widget QAnalogMeter that initially is empty.
The developer must create also one or more instances of a scale (clock or sector) and one
or more instance of index/needle (clock, donut, pie). QAnalogMeter allow to insert these
instances into the container, so they can appear to the user as unique analog instrument
wired around the same pivot. By acting on the widget sizes it's possible to show an
analog instrument with more coaxial scales and indexes.

The versions up to 0.4 were built ad kdevelop project, while starting from 0.5 the
project source tree is managed with QMAKE, leaving out any KDE dependence.

The library documentation is in the code. As example, I included a silly demo application.
To build it, you first need to build the library: go into the directory qmetersdemo/src/library
and run "qmake ; make". You could perform also a "make install" at the end; this is not mandatory
to compile the demo, but it is needed to run it.
Then go back to qmetersdemo directory and issue "qmake ; make" again. This shoud generate a
"qmetersdemo" application in the same directory.

Good luck. If you find this code useful, please consider to send me a mail. It costs almost nothing
to you, but it's still appreciated by my ego ;-)

Giuseppe Massimo Bertani
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