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Score 50.0%

Many thanks to the testers for the help. K-Blueproximity is ready to upload.
The result: about the 90 % of the mobile phones works well with this application.

Blueproximity is a security application. It can lock your computer if you leave your room,
and can unlock it if you come back.
Alternatively, you can also define other "proximity" actions. (See the third picture!)
You only need a configured bluetooth device and a compatible mobile phone.

K-Blueproximity is a KDE frontend to the original Blueproximity application with a gtk frontend by Lars Friedrichs.

I think, you will not have problems on debian based systems as the dependecies are correct.

If you have the original gnome version of Blueproximity, uninstall it before!
(If you need the GTK version, install the enclosed blueproximity-gtk package!
It also works on debian ETCH, an egg.statusicon support module was added to the gtk based version.)
For KDE, install only the blueproximity and blueproximity-kde packages!

On non-debian based systems, convert the blueproximity packages to rpm/tgz format, e.g.:
alien --scripts blueproximity_version_all.deb

Dependencies for the KDE frontend: package bluez-utils, PyQt/PyKDE (python-qt3, python-kde3), ConfigObj (python-configobj) and Bluetooth (python-bluez or pybluez) extensions for python.

On my SuSE 10.2, the following packages are installed as dependencies:

bluez-libs 3.7-14
bluez-utils 3.7-29
gnome-bluetooth 0.8.0-26
kdebluetooth 0.99svn576598-38
libbtctl 0.8.0-26
(yast2-bluetooth 2.14.0-33)
pybluez 0.9.2-47, I enclosed the source for this package.

Compile it with the command rpmbuild --rebuild pybluez-0.9.2-47.src.rpm,
then install the package /usr/src/packages/RPMS/pybluez-0.9.2-47.i586.rpm!

You also need to download the package python-configobj from the packman site (http://packman.links2linux.de). I used the python-configobj-4.4.0-0.pm.1.i586.rpm (you can find it enclosed).

OpenSuSE 10.3:
Similarly, but python-configobj must be compiled from the source:
and you need not compile pybluez. It is on the installation DVD.

Start K-Blueproximity from the KDE menu, and read the "KDE specific issues" section from the Help first!

TODO: Internationalization
Last changelog:

12 years ago

Changelog for the version 1.2.2:

- localization for the KDE user interface


12 years ago


Why should it not handle kde-screensaver? Actually it does and you may also modify the commands if they don't work for you.

If you have problems using it with kde please report them to me and/or use trisz's version for KDE.

Lars Friedrichs



12 years ago

sheesh, you re-do it in QT and they complain about re-inventing the wheel...you don't, and they complain how "Linux has no consistent look and feel" from GTK apps in KDE/QT apps in GNOME.

Kinda makes you pine for Microsoft's "this is what you will use and this is what your apps will look like, have a nice day" philosophy, huh? :P


12 years ago

Changelog for the version 1.2.2:

- localization for the KDE user interface

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