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I was thinking about someone (I cant code:) will write a program like an on-line classroom. perhaps using the NX protocols or whatever.
the basic thought for it is to if if someone has a problem, say, with math homework, he could use exciting tools to draw/type it quickly, and we could share a drawingboard in realtime.
audio and video support would be nice too, i think.

hope somebody likes the idea and make something of it.
feel free to contact me perhaps for more details/thoughts about the idea.


12 years ago

looking at your idee I remember a commerical solution I found a few years ago at "http://www.e-kreide.de/". Perhaps its worth a look.

Greetings matthias



14 years ago

Your idea sounds good, but I also haven't got time to code it. If you want the vision to become reality (uhmmm I love pathtic words ;)) try the following books:

for C++ I recomand (for total Beginners)
C++ Primer, Stanley B. Lippman / Josée Lajoie / Barbara E. Moo, Addison&Wesley
for a little more advanced coders
Thinking in C++, by Bruce Eckel ( http://www.bruceeckel.com/)
and for Experts
The C++ programming language, Bjiarne Stoustrup, Addison&Wesley
(hopefully I spelled the name correctly, otherwise, sorry)

Then buy a notebook, and after shift (don't know if this is right, I was in the German Army for 9 months, there we would have said "nach Dienstschluss") read a little bit and try out. believe me, in half a year you are able to code your project by yourself.

Good luck.




16 years ago

Well, I would learn, but unfortunatly, i come home every 2-3 weeks from the military, unlike you coming home every evanning.



16 years ago

Projects are driven by the desire of someone to do it. I had been focused on scripting languages before I took over the Quanta project, and I sponsored a developer in Eastern Europe. Now I can code in C++ and I have contributors from around the world helping to pay. I also read the developer of Kpresenter learned C++ to make the application. So the excuse doesn't fly. Desire overcomes skill every time. I can show you skilled coders not contributing to counter those people who arrived without the skills and succeeded.

I like your idea, but I am already running a group of projects, not just one. The shortage in FLOSS is not in the idea department unfortunately. ;-)

Besides that, search for Kommander. With Kommander you could have at least provided a dialog window and even had it do something. It is the easiest development environment and you can get people scripting and use the huge amount of code out there that has shell command abilities to assemble a visual tool. It's still in work, but you could offer something more to start. You can also get help on our list. You may be surpised to find that you could build the tool you want with almost no programming at all, just a little reasearch and scripting.

What are you waiting for?



16 years ago

good answer. i couldnt have said it better ;-)

maybe he is just waiting for something like http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=16152

and just like you said: it is more a "i want to (be able to) code" or "ok, if no one else wants to do it, ill have to do it myself" rather than "i cant code"


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