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Conky configuration files can be rather difficult to read. Unfortunately Kate ships without an highlighting scheme for conky. Also in the net I could not find one. Therefore I created my own. It is my first highlighting scheme for Kate, and certainly not perfect. However I think it is good enough and much better than having no syntax highlighting at all for conky configs.

The screenshot shows in the upper split window an example of an conky configuration being highlighted and in the lower split window the xml file that does it.


- just copy conky.xml into /usr/share/katepart5/syntax/ and restart Kate.
[ If that directory does not exist on your system, just find the directory with all the highlighting files for Kate and put it in there. Perhaps useful for locating this directory: in there are files like ansforth94.xml, doxygenlua.xml and literate-curry.xml.]

Probably also some path in your home folder would be a viable choice, but I have not tested that and therefore cannot vouch for that. Perhaps create a folder ~/.local/share/kate/syntax and put it there? I just dont know.

Some points about this highlighting scheme:

- afair I never used the extension .conky for any of my conky configuration files ;-) But as it makes sense this is the only extension configured in conky.xml. Should you need other extensions to be triggered by this highlighting scheme, just open conky.xml in Kate and make the changes. Its pretty self-explaining. But:
- you can also just open a conky config file in Kate and choose the conky highlighting for that file. Kate will remember that setting (for this file).

- the colors are in no way hardcoded. That means that Kate looks into your settings which color you usually use for comments, keywords etc. and uses them. The colors in the screenshot therefore are irrelevant.

- you can adjust any color setting in the kate settings, and yes, specifically for this highlighting scheme.

Have fun and feel free to improve.
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v 0.8 - initial release

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