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This is a JuK control app designed for use with tiling Window Managers such as Ion.

To use, just extract the tarball and run it. By default, MiniJuK is horizontally oriented. Pass the -l (lowercase L, not a 1) parameter if you want it vertically oriented. Note that MiniJuK is intended for use with tiling window managers, and it may look strange with a conventional WM.

Note that this is a very early version. It is very buggy and it crashes a lot. I welcome any help in fixing its various bugs and crashes.

Feature requests are welcome, but remember that MiniJuK is meant to take up very little screen space--the four buttons and slider are already pushing it.

Also, MiniJuk is a Ruby program--Ruby must be installed on your system in order to use it. If Ruby isn't installed as /usr/bin/ruby, please change the first like of the minijuk file to point to your Ruby executable.
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