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This simple bash script is a simple wrapper around dcop and ssh. It allows you to do simple things like skip,pause, play and go back to the previous song from a remote host.

To install, save it into your path as root (/usr/bin will do). Then execute chmod a+rx /usr/bin/music as root.

To run, run 'music' from the command line to see usage information. Commands:

music next
music prev
music stop
music play

The only non-obvious command is stop because it actually pauses the current song (thats the way i like it).

I put kde 3.4 as a dependancy because that is the only version of kde i have available to test.

I wrote this to bind keys (use kcontrol for this) on my girlfriends keyboard to dcop functions of amaroK.

You will have to edit two variables of the script (host and user), although its easy enough:


could be


if you like.

This script is GPL, so feel free to make any changes (please submit them back to me).

I used this guide:

to setup ssh-agent so i didn't have to type in passwords when i ran the script.
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15 years ago

Initial version.

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15 years ago

Initial version.

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