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A restaurant database.

I've set up something like this in Kexi, but the interface leaves much to be desired.

I was entering recipes in Krecipes when I got this idea. The basic idea is to have a specialized database program in which you enter restaurant information. This can help you decide which restaurant to which you'd like to go when you decide to go out to eat.

Ideally, there should be fields for restaurant names, restaurant type(s) (for instance, "pizza", "theme", "ethnic", type of ethnic, "gourmet", "suit and tie", etc. - there should be the ability to enter multiple types and make queries based on type), menu(s) (possible multiple menus for perhaps lunch, dinner, or subtype of food) and the hours the menus are served (including all-day) and their prices. For menus, there should be lists of particular dishes and foods with their prices as well as whether it's a buffet or not, also ratings of each item (both personal and critic - possibly multiple critic ratings and suggestions). There should also be fields for restaurant ratings (based on the four-stars system), a note wherein you type in the critic review or your own, whether or not you visited the restaurant (so you can decide if you want to try something new), price ranges (both verbal - like inexpensive, moderate, expensive, very expensive - and monetary - like $12-$20) and contact information. Oh, and maybe nutritional information, if available.

A nifty interface perhaps a bit like krecipes (I love that program) is key.

I would love to help in such a project in any way, but I don't know coding all that well. I'm hoping someone who does falls in love with the idea as I have.

I have included an incomplete, basic idea I made in QT Designer. As I'm sure you can tell, I have no experience in UI design.
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