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This is my first splash screen, so be kind! :)

This is a nice graphic I found on the KDE website (I think its a t-shirt). It has a transparent background which works fine on my Mepis machine.

If anyone can think of an improvment, please let me know. I threw it together in only 20 minutes, and only because I wondered why no one has made a splash screen with a transparent backgroud.


16 years ago

I really like it.
I'm using it on my PCLinuxOS box
Works great.

Is there a possibility to remove the progress icons and only have the bar
visible ?




16 years ago

I think I've deleted the original files for this. This splash screen was really more of an experiment and I really didn't have any plans to continue the project.



16 years ago

Dude... I can't believe it!

I use this splash screen currently for my KDE desktop because it's the first I found that had a big gear on it.!

Just like I want my bootsplash to say "Gentoo Linux", I want the ksplash to say "This is KDE"... and not some fantasy, artistic creation. That's what I love about this splash.

There is one issue, the right eye of Konqy is transparent..?!? Could you fix this please, or do you have the source files so I can fix this myself. (I've been looking at the web, but couldn't fix the Konqy picture you used).


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