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Tracks the Moon through two full cycles of its phases, beginning with the New Moon phase on 14 Sept 2004. Note at the beginning that the New Moon appears very close to the Sun in the sky, as it must (since the phase is due to the illumination of the Moon by the Sun). As time passes, the Moon moves eastward, away from the Sun, gradually revealing its illuminated half. Eventually, when it is opposite the Sun in the sky, it is fully illuminated, and then continues its Eastward track back towad the Sun, and back toward the New phase.

Note that the "wobbling" of the Moon in this Script is not an error; it's an effect called parallax due to the fact that you observe the Moon from a moving location on the surface of the spinning earth.

To run the script, simply save it to disk and unzip it, then open it from within KStars using "File|Run Script..." or Ctrl+R.
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