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There are many publications about recycling of used computer parts. Some also report the manufacture of table fans CPU fans or power supply fans.

And there are many ways to build a recycling table fan. Here is my way to produce a unique table fan:

(Replica at own risk, no warranty and no claims for damages)

I have used the following material:

- three fans from a 17-year-old PII
desktop which I had disassembled some
years before
- a wooden disc
- a part of Copper wire for electrical
- an used DC power converter, that
operate safely (9V or 12V)

- Drill and drill bit (4, 5mm)
- Glue (hot glue)
- Soldering iron
- some solder

& a total of about two hours of my time

In this way I have assembled the fan:

- drill 4 holes in the wooden disc
- the wires were freed from isolation,
on the one hand some more,
- I left some insulation in the middle
of the wire
- I have bent one wire for stability
- two wires are used as supply and for
mounting fans
- 4 Ends of the wires are glued into the
holes in the wooden disc
- I threaded the fans through the upper
ends of the wires
(I made sure that the fans work in
the right direction)
- then I connected the cables with the
appropriate electrical pole and each
soldered on a wire
- to the corresponding wires in the
wooden disc, I soldered the cables of
the power supply

Now, I have a breath of fresh air with these old fans even on hot days.

It is possible to use new fans, for example with transparent material and LED. There are nice light effects...


5 years ago

That's right, the chargers mobile phones mostly works safely. But often they work only with 5 V DC. In this example I use a 7V power converter from an old telefone. I think the PSU from a older DSL box - 12 V DC - is a good choice for enough air stream.

It's realy funny to give old things another second life, with a new sense. And especially if their rebuild looks like a perpetuum mobile, or machines made for a mad max era. And this things are running...




5 years ago

Perpetuum Mobile




5 years ago

Just a tip:

As a power source, old chargers of e.g. mobile phones work nice and safely. Also, experimenting with various ones lets you find the best rotation (and thus air stream) speed.


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