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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net

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Since i like Tango, Gnome Colors, Gnome icons, MurrineRedmond... stuff i created 12 themes for several GTK themes and icon sets. I mixed them enough so you can usually choose 1 colour scheme in with several diferent icons (for example: MurrineRedmond and Redmond95 can be used with Tango, GNome colors and Gnome icons). The fact is that there are no enough mplayer themes so we dont have much choice. Whit this i can give you some choice :).

Anyway, check out the screenshot picture for preview (all themes are there).

I uploaded this package (~800kb) to DA:
-DeviantArt: http://jakonj.deviantart.com/art/Mplayer-themes-138786155

Standard info for this theme pack:

** BASED ON **
1. This skin is actually modification of clearlooks theme for mplayer
2. Fonts are from the excellent work by Nikola Pizurica
3. ICON themes: Tango, Gnome Colors (4.5 & 5.2), Gnome. See READMES in theme directories for details.
4. GTK themes: Redmond95, MurrineRedmond, Gilouche, Murrine StudioLooks, Shiki. See READMES in theme directories.

The name of this theme is in "[GTK-theme-used]-[ICON-theme-used]" so:
-"GTK-theme-used" is actually GTK theme from which i used colors for mplayer controls
-"ICON-theme-used" is actually ICON theme from which i used icons for mplayer controls

There gimp sources (that are matching this theme) are in "gimp-sources" directory. Sources are easy to change:
1. Open source in Gimp (i created sources in gimp 2.6 so any newer version *should* open it)
2. Take a look at layers
3. Paste desired icons in layers (button icons are 32x32 in size and layers are named)
4. Change "background" layer to match your desired color sheme
5. Save file as png
6. Repeat process for every icon you want to create
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