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One evening, I said, woow...My superkaramba themes take away way too much CPU time ( it went up to 15%!!). So I decided to stop using them to display system status (I now use gkrellm instead), and made a simple theme that consumes less than 1% CPU time, with transparency, and:

- a periodical e-mail checker that can check 2 pop3 boxes (or more, just modify it) every X minutes, and has a female voice which tells you when you've got mail (just like in the movies...), and when you've got spam (she doesn't guess, one e-mail box is for spam, the other for personal mail, right?).

- an amaroK controller that displays the current track, Album, lets you change volume, stop, play, pause, etc..., and has a button on the upper left-hand corner of your screen to show the amaroK window.

- a simple clock, uptime and "upday" displayer

- a seperate theme that shows a different "fortune" every half-hour.

Available for 1024 and 1280

Don't forget to read readme.txt!
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