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i decided to make some Very simple but functional monitoring theme for super karamba .. just to make my desktop a little less crowded and moving. it took me 2 hours reading from the web site, checking on dl-ed .theme-s and writing in Kite, so here's the 343GS. i designed it for myself, but anyway, why not upl it here :D it's also kinda Halo theme (to match with my wallpaper). the name is also from the game - 343 Gulty Spark, the monitor.

well if some1 acctuly decide to download it, i guess a little explanation for it's constantly changing numbers could be useful (or a little intuition btw :D):
the first graph and bar show cpu ussage, the long number below - the current internal clock speed in MHz. the 3 numbers in the next line show in this order: cpu load, nice load and idle load in %.
next are 2 memory bars 1st - total mem ussage, 2nd - the mem ussage without cache n buffers. next is line of 3 numbers in order: total mem size, free mem size and again mem ussage w/o cache n buffers. and the line below (2 numbers in there) shows total swap and swap total ussage. all in MB
next - network bar, shows the current income traffic. the 2 nums below: income rate in KB/s and outgoing in KB/s
the 4th section is hdd. bar shows hdd ussage for /. 3 numbers below: total MB size, used MB size and %used space.
finali uptime "day hour min sec " and current time "day hour min sec"

that's all falks


13 years ago

could you make one for dual cores?


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