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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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When using metabar 0.8 I missed a few features which I added to the source code.

The added functionality enables you to decide, which meta-information should be shown immediately and which should be only shown when unfolding the extra-metadata folders.
So if you're a music-freak, you may directly see artist, album and bitrate of your MP3s or I let it show title, subject and comment of my PDF files. - Take a look at the screenshots.

Because the authors of metabar informed me that they will not maintain the 0.8 metabar version any more, I put my little work up here for you to download.

The features are:

1) By an additional theme configuration file "important_meta_keywords.cfg" may be configured by the user which meta-data will be shown for each datatype under the Information headline if a file is selected.

2) To let the user also see the not translated metadata-keys for configuring the metabar, an additional configuration option "Show meta info keys" was added to the configuration dialog.
When this option is turned on, the original names of the meta-info-attributes are shown to let the user edit the "important_meta_keywords.cfg" configuration-file and give him/her the required names to do this.

3) Added a new CSS-class to format/indent the info-items in the template's stylesheets per ul.infoitem

4) An additional checkbox "Enable CSS-Class infoitem" has been added to the configuration dialog to let users, who's default.css does not have ul.infoitem in it, show their themes like expected.

5) Another additional checkbox "Fold permissions & access" has been added to the configuration dialog. If this is not checked, filerights & permissions are always visible and not foldable any more.

How to install:
Extract the files and simply copy them over the original source files in the kdeaddons /konq-plugins/sidebar/metabar/src/ directory.
Now compile and install.

If you use Gentoo, you may follow this instruction if you like:
# FEATURES="keeptemp keepwork" emerge kdeaddons
When configure has finished, kill the process with ctrl-c and copy the files from metabar-ubgrade to /var/tmp/portage/kde-base/kdeaddons-3.5.6-r1/work/kdeaddons-3.5.--your-sub-version--/konq-plugins/sidebar/metabar/src/
Now type...
# FEATURES="keeptemp keepwork" emerge kdeaddons
...OR, if you already have the actual kdeaddons package installed, change into the source directory and directly type...
make && make install
...and you're done.

Also added to the package is a slightly edited "Blue-Fade" theme as an example which you should install afterwards.

Have fun


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Will it work?



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oky, sorry for my German, Community...

Hy, alos, allem anschein Bist du n Deutscher.. nea, also hier mal meine Idee, waru machst du das nicht so wie bei dem Kicker, also, daß man auswählen kann, welche png man verwenden kann, also so .. ein einfacher theme-editor, wo man selbst schnell mal was zusamenklickern könnte.. als hintergrund, farbe.. und so wie beim Hintergrund-editor.. also horizontal oder vertikaler farbübergang.. oder ob man ein Bild verwenden möchte.. bei den querbalken, ob man das farbig machen möchte, wenn ja, dann in zwei oder drei Siehlen.. oder png's einfärben lassen.. und so..
dann noch die Schrift.. Überschrift farbe, schriftfarbe, schrift-art... und so...... das mal einfach so als Idee... und das dann immer ... die themes, abwärtskompatiebel.....
so als idee..

also, again, Sorry Community for my writing in German lang... but i can my ideas better write in German...

manny greetings


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